01/5Ways in which you can manage your kids during a long flight

Ways in which you can manage your kids during a long flight

If there's one thing most people dread when they get on a flight, it has to be being seated next to a kid. Well, while most people could always just ask for a change of seat, you can't do the same if the kid is yours. Jokes aside, managing kids during a long flight can actually turn into a nightmare. They might start to get loud and noisy or they might start fidgeting due to being bored and tired and this can really cause a nuisance to other passengers. So, if you're wondering how you can keep your kids in their seats without causing a ruckus, here are some tips that will help.


02/5Make a kit

Make a kit

The first thing you need to do is to make a kit for your kid. Pack some of their favourite toys and books. You could also pack up some snacks that they like. Keep a set of fresh clothes handy. This way your child will be engaged and will feel refreshed any time they need a change of clothes.


03/5Learn to let it go

Learn to let it go

If for some reason you're unable to calm your child down if they have a tantrum, it's okay to just breathe and try your best to keep them occupied. People will give you nasty looks but then this situation can't be helped either. So learn to let those feelings of guilt go and just focus on your child.


04/5Plan things in advance

Plan things in advance

Make sure that you pack their bags at least a week in advance so that you don't miss out on something essential that your child may require. Also, try to reach the airport a little earlier so that you can just head in and sit at the gate without having to stand in long queues with your kids.


05/5Let them focus on screens

Let them focus on screens

Yes, we know excessive screen time isn't great for your kids but you can make an exception for a few hours. If your child is busy watching a film, let them. If they're playing a video game, let them. They'll stay occupied and won't bother you or anyone else.