01/5Here are all the uses of a makeup setting spray

Here are all the uses of a makeup setting spray

'Tis the world of contouring! Makeup is at its prime right now with a new type of trend and fad taking over each day. But if there's one thing that can help keep your makeup in tip-top condition, it has to be a makeup setting spray. For those uninitiated, a setting spray like the name suggests helps set your makeup. It's a mist-like substance that you spray on your face before, during and after completing your makeup. It locks in the look, keeps everything in place and ensures there are no smudges or creases later on. Basically, it's what keeps your look intact throughout. So, here are all the different ways in which you can use a setting spray. Take a look and thank us later.


02/5Makes makeup last longer

Makes makeup last longer

Yes, as we mentioned before a setting spray can help keep your makeup intact and in place throughout the day. So all you have to do is spritz some on your face and then you needn't worry about smudges or creases or anything that has to do with your makeup getting ruined.


03/5Corrects makeup mistakes

Corrects makeup mistakes

Put on too much foundation? Blush is making you look like a clown? No need to fret. Just use some setting spray on your face and a beauty blending brush or sponge to blend the products properly on your face. It'll give you a seamless look while ensuring to pick out any excess product on your skin.


04/5Can help in blending

Can help in blending

If you're using a lot of cream products then you're bound to end up with some smudginess at some point. So, to make the blending process a bit easier it would be best to use some setting spray on your beauty blender before you use it to blend all your makeup.


05/5Helps make highlighter pop

Helps make highlighter pop

Sometimes we end up buying products that don't turn out to be as good as we imagined. If your highlighter is one that you need to apply ten times for it to show its effect, just dip your brush in the highlighter and then spritz some setting spray on the brush before using it on your face. The spray will help the highlighter pop and will give you the perfect look.