01/5Tips to make your first anniversary special

Tips to make your first anniversary special

Spend the day together: Pick out a few activities to spend time on together throughout the day. Start the day early, watch the sunrise and have breakfast in bed, then maybe head out for a play, spend the entire day soaking up some culture and then you could probably go to that new plush restaurant everyone's been talking about. As long as you're together nothing else matters right?


02/5Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway

Take your anniversary up a notch and get away for the weekend. You'll both love to get out of your busy city lives and just spend the day lazing around in a pool. Get a couple's massage, play snooker or badminton together on the property or even just laze in a quaint cafe in the heart of nature. Put your phones away and spend some real time together.


03/5Go on a road trip

Go on a road trip

This one is for all you adventure seekers and impulsive souls. Don't plan ahead, just leave it to your mood for that day. Get in the car, strap in, tune into your favourite music and just drive, drive and drive. Choose a secluded place so that you two can spend some alone time together. You could go for a trek or even opt for a safari.


04/5Hangout with your gang

Hangout with your gang

For all you couples who love hanging out with their crew, you could celebrate your anniversary with them. Go visit a hip pub in town or go for an elegant dinner to a fancy restaurant if you want. Or if you want it to be more intimate you could just host a little party at home and invite your friends over for a fun game night or karaoke session.


05/5Family vacation

Family vacation

Well, why shouldn't your family be able to join in on your anniversary fun as well? You'll have to plan this in advance but trust us; you'll have a blast with everyone. Go on a cruise or choose a few countries none of you have seen but do make sure to choose a travel-friendly season wherever you go.