01/5Want those lashes to stay curled for long? Follow these tips

Want those lashes to stay curled for long? Follow these tips

It's every girl's dream to have long and beautiful lashes that can help make her eyes look gorgeous. But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with those genes. However, that doesn't mean you can't opt for certain tricks and tips that will help keep your lashes looking beautiful all day long! So, if you want to ensure that your lashes stay curled from the am to the pm, here are some tips you must follow. Take a look.


02/5Curl your lashes in sections

Curl your lashes in sections

A lot of us just tend to use a lash curler on our lashes by giving it a few pumps and getting done with it. But this doesn't help curl our lashes as well as we want it to. Instead, what you should do is curl your lashes in sections so that the curler can work properly and give your lashes the curl they deserve.


03/5Use a spoon

Use a spoon

If you don't have a lash curler you can simply use a spoon instead. Take a tablespoon and cover your eye with it (the deeper end should be facing your eye). Use your fingers to curl your eyelashes on the spoon. Do this a few times and your lashes will remain curled.


04/5Use a hot curler

Use a hot curler

Just like your hair stays styled for longer if you use a heating tool, your lashes will also stay curled for longer if you use a heated curler. But be very careful with this so that you don't end up burning your lashes. Just heat your lash curler using a blow dryer, let it cool a little and then use it on your lashes.


05/5Use petroleum jelly on your lashes

Use petroleum jelly on your lashes

Apply some petroleum jelly to your lashes and then use your lash curler on them. The petroleum jelly will help hydrate your lashes and will ensure they stay curled for long. You could also add a coat of mascara to this and it'll help make your eyes pop.