01/5Want silky smooth hair this monsoon? Follow these tips!

Want silky smooth hair this monsoon? Follow these tips!

The monsoon season is finally upon us and boy is it raining cats and dogs! While you may be enjoying the rains, it's no secret that the humid weather can take a toll on your skin and your hair. While our skin tends to get oilier and stickier, our scalp gets all the more greasy and dehydrated. This leads to frizzy, brittle hair that breaks easily and looks dull and damaged. But if you think there's nothing you can do to fix it, that's where you're wrong. Here are some tips that will help make your hair silky smooth.


02/5Use a tee to dry your hair

Use a tee to dry your hair

The frizz in your hair will be at level 10 during the monsoons which is why you need to do everything to make sure that you don't add to it. Instead of using a towel to dry your hair, use an old cotton tee. It'll be a lot softer on your hair and will also keep all that frizz away.


03/5Champi to the rescue!

Champi to the rescue!

Ask your mom to give you a good coconut oil head massage every few days. While the coconut oil will nourish your scalp and hair and will make your hair silky, the champi will help improve blood circulation which will also promote better hair growth.


04/5Start from the bottom

Start from the bottom

When you wash your hair you need to remember that it will be extremely vulnerable when it's wet. So, make sure that you don't pull or tug too hard or you may end up damaging your locks. Instead, try to detangle your locks and start from the bottom and then go upwards.


05/5Make silk your best friend

Make silk your best friend

Opt for silk pillowcases and bed sheets since they can be super soft on the skin and help keep the moisture in your hair locked in. Cotton pillowcases can actually absorb the moisture from your hair. So, opt for silk to ensure that the essential oils in your scalp stay intact.