01/5Find out whether these weird health fads are really beneficial

Find out whether these weird health fads are really beneficial

There seems to be no shortage of health trends that can only be described as bizarre. Placental pills, oxygen shots, and aerated chocolates are some of the new health fads many people are trying. Yes, there are a few bizarre trends that have hit the wellness world. But do they really work or are they harmful to our health? These are the questions we need to think about before giving these fads a try as popular as it may seem. Find out whether these weird health fads are a hit or miss.


02/5Placenta pills

Placenta pills

Consuming the placenta became a huge trend when many celebrities revealed they ate pills made from it after their pregnancies. It is made from the organ that provides babies in the womb with vital nutrients and oxygen. Some claim it helps women to recover from pregnancy much faster, as well as protect against post-partum depression. However, experts say there is no scientific evidence to suggest this is true. "The placenta is made to prevent potentially dangerous toxins from reaching the baby in utero, not for eating," she says. "Popping placenta pills supplies only minimal iron while delivering these same toxins to the mother again,"Mira Calton, a certified nutritionist and co-author of Rich Food Poor Food, told a new portal.


03/5Caffeinated lotions

Caffeinated lotions

Caffeine is known for a lot of things, but it is rare for this ingredient to be part of a skincare collection. However, one expert says giving it a try for the health of your skin may not be such a bad idea. "Caffeine dehydrates fat cells and therefore can make the skin feel smoother," Dr Len Lopez, a nutrition and fitness expert and author of To Burn or Not to Burn: Fat is the Question, told a news portal. Adding, "[Caffeine] also claims to tighten skin while applied and reduces dark circles." Some research has also found caffeine could protect against cellular damage caused by sun exposure. However, Lopez points out the research is still new and it is not clear what amount of caffeine is appropriate.


04/5Aerated chocolate

Aerated chocolate

Very few people on the planet can resist the temptations of chocolate. If you are trying to lose weight, but still need your sweet fix aerated chocolate may be the way to go. These types of chocolates reportedly contain more air. While it's safe to try, experts recommend dark chocolate to satisfy your craving instead. "While aerated chocolate has a lower overall calorie content in each bite due to the up to 50-percent reduction in actual chocolate content, it represents a more processed chocolate option that in the end nearly doubles the profit margin for manufacturers,"Mira Calton, a certified nutritionist, told a news portal.


05/5Oxygen shots

Oxygen shots

Many claim oxygen shots can help slow down the ageing process and give you that youthful glow. Really? Experts say no. "This is a great way to accelerate ageing!" Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., a nutritional biochemist and author of The Vigor Diet, The New Science of Feeling Your Best, told a news portal. "Too much free radical damage can lead to wrinkled skin, stiff joints, elevated fatigue, memory problems, and a host of other chronic conditions associated with ageing." Best to give this one a miss.