01/5Looking for smartwatch that is stylish too? Here’s your list!

Looking for smartwatch that is stylish too? Here’s your list!

Remember the time when reluctantly accepted that healthy food never tasted good or that fashion meant being trapped in an uncomfortable outfit or online shopping always ended in disappointment? Thankfully, we’re past that stage. Healthy food is now tasty, fashion is comfortable and online shopping is far too convenient to be disappointing. Looks like, technology companies are also listening. Gone are the days when gadgets bulky and heavy. The new age gadget, smartwatches are not the bulky bracelet you made peace with, because they kept you connected. The new age smartwatches are not only high-tech and with amazing specs, but they’re so good looking that you could mistake it for a fashion accessory. Ahead are some of our favourites.


02/5Fossil Gen 3 Q Venture Rose Gold Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 3 Q Venture Rose Gold Smartwatch

This smartwatch comes in a gorgeous role gold shade and delicate diamond embellishments around the strap and the dial. The watch runs on Android 2.0 and is compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS9+ devices. It lets you track your sleep, activity and keeps a note on calories consumed. It also allows you to receive calls, texts, emails and social media notifications. It’s solid battery lasts you an entire day.


03/5Timex Blink Watch

Timex Blink Watch

Here’s a smartwatch for the minimalist, and it comes with a price tag that would make you grin! The stainless steel body has a rose-gold finish, which can also be switched to a more sporty silicone strap. The watch also comes loaded with features. It gives you information on calories to be consumed and tracks your movement and calories consumed. It tracks your sleep as well. It pairs with iOS and Android devices.


04/5Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Large -Plum

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Large -Plum

Here’s a smartwatch for those into athleisure. This one comes with an impressive battery that lasts upto 5 days. Its impressive activity and heart rate tracker also allows you to control, play and pause music. Its stunning screen displays an the info on a vivid, high-resolution touch screen.


05/5Fossil FTW2112 Q Wander SmartWatch

Fossil FTW2112 Q Wander SmartWatch

If you are all about that no-fuss classic look, here’s a smartwatch for you. The Fossil Q Wander SmartWatch has a metal body with a sleek and elegant design. The watch comes with its own built-in fitness tracker and allows you to access social media, text, email, app alerts and more. You can personalise your dial, control your music playlist, access Google Maps and more, right from your wrist.