01/10Himalayan salt water may have amazing health benefits

Himalayan salt water may have amazing health benefits

Water that contains pink Himalayan salt is popularly known as sole water. Many claim this drink contains healing properties that are extremely beneficial for our health. Some of the benefits reportedly are it aids digestion, gives your energy a boost, improves bones health and helps to maintain the pH balance. What's more, it's said to work rather well to aid weight loss and help you sleep better. Since it contains a ton of minerals, it happens to be rather nutritious. So, if you're wondering what else this miracle salt can do for you, here are some benefits of the Himalayan saltwater.


02/10Aids metabolism function

Aids metabolism function

Himalayan salt can help your body overall by helping balance your metabolism. Thanks to this, your body will burn calories faster and this will even help you maintain your weight if you're looking to shed those extra kilos.


03/10Lowers blood pressure

Lowers blood pressure

One of the most dangerous things we consume is the common salt. For people with blood pressure issues, salt can be almost deadly. This is why switching to Himalayan salt can help as it contains components that can help maintain your blood pressure and can even lower it if required.


04/10Balances pH levels

Balances pH levels

One of the best things Himalayan salt water can do for your health is that it balances the pH levels in your body. Because of this, your body is able to better adjust to certain foods and there's a lot less chance of you getting acid reflux.


05/10Helps absorb nutrients

Helps absorb nutrients

This saltwater can work rather well in aiding your digestive system too. It has the ability to stimulate your intestines to absorb nutrients from your food. This way you end up getting more vitamins and minerals from your food before it is turned to waste.


06/10May help you achieve clearer skin

May help you achieve clearer skin

If you suffer from a lot of skin issues, try Himalayan salt water. It contains zinc that can tackle acne and repair damage. It also contains Iodine and chromium that can treat skin infections. Regularly consuming this healing beverage will help you to achieve clear and smooth skin in no time.

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07/10What is Himalayan salt water?

What is Himalayan salt water?

Pink Himalayan salt is used to make sole water. You fill up a quarter of a jar with the salt and add water to it. Let this mixture sit for at least 24 hours. Make sure the salt is fully dissolved.Some recommend drinking a teaspoon of the sole water mixture with a glass of water daily in order to gain the health benefits. It is believed this drink balances the body’s charged ions like sodium and other minerals. There are many claims that suggest it can improve our overall health and maintain fluid levels. However, researchers have yet to back up these claims with scientific fact.


08/10Contains loads of minerals

Contains loads of minerals

Many believe that one of the main reasons sole water is so beneficial is because of its high mineral content. Pink Himalayan salt contains sodium chloride, which works in the body to maintain fluid balance and blood pressure levels. However, what sets this salt apart from the others is that it does not contain additives as it is extracted by hand. Because it doesn't go through much processing, it has more than 80 minerals. It is also loaded with magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. While it contains very low amounts of these nutrients, advocates claim it can help reduce muscle cramps and reduce blood pressure levels.


09/10May help you sleep better

May help you sleep better

Pink Himalayan salt contains a little less sodium than other regular salts because it has large crystals. Just one teaspoon of this salt contains about 1,700 mg of sodium. The same amount of other salts contain almost 2,300 mg. Sodium helps the body to get sufficient amounts of sleep and helps you stay hydrated. Advocates say that this drink can tackle a host of sleep issues, even though there is no scientific evidence to back up that claim.


10/10Sodium and hydration

Sodium and hydration

Sodium helps to maintain the body's fluid balance. Insufficient amounts of sodium can cause dehydration. This is particularly dangerous for people who exercise a lot. Advocates of this drink say sole water can help keep you stay hydrated and provide you with sufficient amounts of sodium. However, because this salt water contains less sodium than table salt, it may not have the kind of benefits some suggest. It is important to consult with a doctor before making changes to your diet.