01/5Keep the spark alive!

Keep the spark alive!

Whether you are total noob when it comes to dating, first dates are always nerve-wrecking. The stakes are high and more things could go wrong than right. If you’ve been dating for a while, you’d know that not every first date can turn into a second, and that’s where it gets scary – what if you actually like the person you’re on a date with? What if they might just be the one? You wouldn’t wanna scare them away, that’s for sure. Ahead are some classic dating tips that will help you bring out your best side, and get you that second date invite sooner than you’d think!


02/5Smile and flirt

Smile and flirt

If you like the date you’re with, you gotta let them know. But you can’t directly say it. What do you then? Engage in light banter, flirt a little and smile a lot. Light touching is also another sure what way to let your date know you’re into them.


03/5Keep it short

Keep it short

A common mistake most people make on first dates is extending the date – that is if it’s going well. This might seem like the most natural thing to do, when you’re date is going well. But to keep the spark alive, you can’t give away all your cards at once. Keep the date short, make them wonder. Your second date is guaranteed!


04/5Be nice to servers

Be nice to servers

Believe it or not, but kindness is one of the most underrated turn-ons, and also universal! So, if you plan on going out for a meal for your date, always be nice to the hosts and servers. This will show your date that you’re kind, respectful, and courteous of others, which are all great qualities to have in a partner.


05/5Be funny

Be funny

First dates can be really stressful. So try not taking it so seriously. Crack a joke at your expense. Make them laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. When you’re talking to each other and laughing as if you’re talking to your best friend, it means that the date is going well and you’re enjoying each other’s company. Chances are, you'll see them again.