01/5Sneaky tips to help you pack your beauty stuff for a holiday!

Sneaky tips to help you pack your beauty stuff for a holiday!

While taking that much needed break and heading for that vacation is the stuff of our dreams, packing for it probably makes place in our list of nightmares. God help if you are a beauty enthusiast, especially if you’re a beauty enthusiast, especially someone with a strict skincare routine. Not only would have to let go of all those potent serums and creams, you’ll probably have to narrow down to just one eyeshadow palette. Unless, you like the idea of emptying your skincare serums at airport security! (Yup, we’ve heard those heartbreaking stories.) With the tricks we’ve got in hand, not only will you be having a solid skincare routine for travels, but also an updated holiday makeup routine. Read on!




Minis not only look absolutely adorable, but are the correct way (if there is ) to pack your beauty stash for a holiday. Many Indian brands are finally taking up to the trend that began in the west. They are also perfect for people who rarely use makeup and end up throwing away more than half the product cuz you passed its expiry. If you don’t intent on buying new stuff, go the old school method by emptying all your liquids in a smaller package. So save up those sample size containers when you get them!


03/5Solid formulations

Solid formulations

Solid formulations were solely invented for people who are on the go, or travelling. And thanks to the boost in the beauty biz, we now have solid formulations of absolutely everything. Head to your favoruite beauty store and you will find solid formulations of primers, foundations, blushes, shampoos and perfumes. Not only do they save up on that liquid limit, they sometimes even perform better.


04/5Makeup erasers

Makeup erasers

While makeup wipes or wet wipes might seem like the ideal choice to wipe off that dirt and grime, it isn’t doing any favours to the environment and also your skin. Not only do wet wipes do a terrible job of cleaning the face, they also harm the face with the alcohol in the product. Invest in a makeup eraser. These work perfectly on their own. All you have to do is wet them with water before using.


05/5Multi-purpose makeup

Multi-purpose makeup

When one product does the job or two or three (if you’re lucky) not only does it save time, it saves a ton on space and weight too. So be in the lookout for a brightening sunscreen that also works perfectly like a primer, or something on those lines!