01/5These tips will ensure that hair isn’t damaged due to the rains

These tips will ensure that hair isn’t damaged due to the rains

One of the top reasons all of us look forward for monsoons is because it gives us an opportunity to gleefully getting drenched in rains. That being said, irrespective of the fact that one is getting wet in the rain intentionally, or by accident, it does lead to a ton of after care, especially when it comes to hair. Hair when wet are definitely more delicate, but when wet with rainwater, are also a breeding ground for infection. The damage that it can cause your hair, can be long lasting. Hence, a thorough haircare routine is a must. Here are some things you should keep in mind while tending to hair that’s drenched in rainwater.




If possible, don’t let your wet hair dry on its own. Try cleaning it with a clarifying shampoo as soon as you can. This will not only help in removing the environmental toxins, dirt and grime, but also moisturise your scalp, giving it a bounce, and tending to the possibility of dandruff.




Ensure that you have conditioner formula that controls frizz. With the humidity skyrocketing in the monsoons, now is the time you double up with the conditioner. To condition your hair during this season, look for a conditioner with natural humectants as opposed to a silicone based conditioner.


04/5Drying hair

Drying hair

With the monsoons playing havoc with the humidity levels, drying out the hair becomes especially crucial, as wet hair is a breeding ground for all infections. If possible, try and dry your hair before you step out of the house. If you’re in a rush, dry them with a cool boost setting on your hair dryer. But NEVER, step out with wet hair.


05/5Hair cut

Hair cut

Getting a regular hair cut or trim is very important during the monsoon. This will help prevent any chances of split ends. It will also keep your hair healthy and looking good. Go for layers this monsoon. These will give you natural waves. It is very low maintenance and you can easily shake it up and leave open if wet.