01/6Customise your skincare routine for the monsoons. Here’s how

Customise your skincare routine for the monsoons. Here’s how

While the summers are too darn hot, and winters a little too cold to function, monsoons finds the sweet spot in between. Easily a crowd favourite, monsoons brings out the Instagrammer in us with lush bounty. Monsooon’s oscillating weather and extra dose of humidity might be great for your mind, it isn’t the best situation for your skin. Your oil-absorbing summer routine and moisturising winter routine are rendered useless. The changing weather also means skin’s barrier getting vulnerable. So how do you keep your skin glowing in the monsoons? Ahead are some tips that will help!


02/6Use sunscreen regularly

Use sunscreen regularly

You shouldn't just use sunscreen in the summer. Sunscreen can offer a lot of protection even on rainy days. The sun's rays can be just as harmful on a rainy day. These rays can cause fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Apply a good amount of sunscreen all over your body before you head out the door. However, it is important to apply it every few hours to protect your skin from damage.




For monsoons, you need a cleanser that cleanses skin thoroughly but doesn’t strip your skin of moisture. Using a creamy moisturiser wouldn’t work out well either. Irrespective of your skin type, pick a gentle gel based face cleanser. Wash face at least throughout the day with it. This will keep your pores clean and keep away from breakouts.




Toning maybe be considered an unnecessary step, but is an essential during the monsoons. For the monsoons, pick a non-alcoholic toner. It will help balance your skin’s pH levels and keep it prepped for the rest of your routine.




Despite the hot and humid weather, we urge you not to skip the moisturiser. A water based moisturiser will boost your skin’s hydration levels, while keeping the skin’s sebum production in check. It’s perfect for people of oily or combination skin.




If your skin tends to get oily, use a clay based mask once a week. Pick a mask with bentonite clay as the key ingredients. It tends to suck up all the excess oil secretion and unclogs clogged pores. Use it regularly to keep whiteheads and blackheads at bay.