01/8Insider secrets to smell like a garden of roses!

Insider secrets to smell like a garden of roses!

You know those people, who always smell like a garden of roses, at any time of the day, even after gym class? As the sun shines brighter and the temperature soars higher it becomes increasingly difficult to keep smelling fresh and delish all day. But, as it turns out, there might just be a tried and tested formula for that, and layering different products of the same fragrance is just the beginning. So if you’re wondering why your designer perfume doesn’t last till breakfast, ahead are some tips and tricks shared by fragrance-industry insiders. Read on.


02/8Wash your hair when it gets greasy

Wash your hair when it gets greasy

We tend to put off washing our hair for as long as we can but in this weather, your hair will get greasy pretty fast. That means that a lot of sweat, oil and grime is probably accumulating in your hair and before you know it, it'll start smelling pretty bad. So make sure that you wash your hair as regularly as possible to avoid letting it get super greasy.


03/8Febreeze your clothes

Febreeze your clothes

Aren't you tired of that musty smell coming out from your clothes? Well, one thing you can do is to spritz on some Febreeze onto all your clothes in your closet. It'll keep all your clothes smelling fresh. Try to opt for one that contains a neutral smell so that your clothes don't have any scents lingering on.


04/8Opt for an oil-based rollerball

Opt for an oil-based rollerball

Keep an oil-based rollerball on you at all times. So, whenever you find yourself sweating, all you need to do is wipe off the sweat and apply the roller for an instant hit of freshness. It'll keep all that sweat at bay and will also leave you smelling fresh.


05/8You are what you eat

You are what you eat

A diet full of onions, garlic and spices may be great for your palette, but pretty off-putting as it comes out your pores. If your diet has the combination of those three, their remnants would stay with your body for almost 48 hours. Dilute that down with fresh fruits, vegatables and clean protein.


06/8Pick your signature perfume

Pick your signature perfume

You know how Chanel No.5 is a timeless classic, but won’t always work with everyday? Perfumes smell differently on different people. So don’t rely on a whiff you had from your friend. Get yourself sample piece, wear it and pick the one that clicks. The secret is to find a perfume that even makes your sweat smell better.


07/8Moisture max

Moisture max

If you’re always searching for perfume hacks, you have probably heard about the Vaseline one? But how does it work? Not very differently than any other moisturiser. Truth is, your perfume or any fragrance lasts on longer on skin when it is moisturised. Take the fragrance up a notch by using a moisturiser of the same line.


08/8Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water will not only hydrate your skin, but will flush out all the toxins and make your sweat odorless. This will in turn make your perfumes last longer.