01/8Now you can make snacking a guilt-free trip

Now you can make snacking a guilt-free trip

The Royal Beans Chocolate Afghani Black Raisin & Dark Chocolate Bars are made from pure Belgian Chocolate & rich, juicy, seedless Afghani black raisin. Absolutely divine for chocolate lovers & amazing gift option. These yummy chocolate bars are great snacking options; there are no added preservatives or artificial flavoring.


02/8Alter Eco

Alter Eco

Alter Eco's chocolates are made of malty chocolate with a bit of vanilla. This dark cocoa bar is smooth and creamy. It is made from 100 per cent organic and Fair Trade-certified ingredients. You can enjoy this bar without packing on the pounds.




Chocolove's dark chocolate has a fruity flavour that can satisfy your cravings for the sweet stuff in a more healthy way. All the ingredients in this chocolate are natural and organic. The brand offers a variety of options. It also has a bit of extra cocoa butter, which gives a tangy, bittersweet cocoa flavour.


04/8Pascha Chocolate

Pascha Chocolate

Pascha Chocolate is made with organic Peruvian cocoa beans, cane sugar and vanilla. This chocolate is completely vegan and does not contain peanuts, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat and gluten. If you have any allergies, this is the chocolate bar you could try to satisfy your sweet tooth.


05/8Shredded Coconut Truffle

Shredded Coconut Truffle

These coconut truffles are made with pure Belgian white chocolate and shredded coconut are dipped in milk chocolate. These bonbons contain no artificial preservatives. All bonbons are handcrafted with unique artistic designs and delicious flavours.


06/8Rocket Chocolate

Rocket Chocolate

The flavour of these chocolate includes the combination of dark chocolate /crispy chocolates/butterscotch / plain chocolate/coffee. This is the first ever rocket which is edible. Try these rocket chocolates this festive season with your family and friends.


07/8Queen Bee Almond Premium Dark Chocolate

Queen Bee Almond Premium Dark Chocolate

These almond premium dark chocolates contain cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, almond, soy lecithin. It has roasted Californian almonds which are covered in of 45% dark chocolate made with pure cocoa butter. You can consume it during emergency mid-afternoon bites.


08/8Artisanal 60% Chocolate Bar

Artisanal 60% Chocolate Bar

These Jus' Trufs chocolates are made using the finest quality of cocoa. This chocolate is free from any emulsifiers or soy lecithin. The chocolate contains full of the essential nutrients in cocoa beans.