01/8You might not know of these relaxation techniques

You might not know of these relaxation techniques

Stress is quite a harmful disease and should be dealt with as soon as you notice it creeping in. Not to forget, stress can also lead to heart diseases, restlessness, depression, etc. Exercising and relaxation are two ways how you can manage stress. And while you might think you know relaxation means cycling, running and walking, it's not just that. There are many types of relaxation techniques you might not know of but are quite helpful in fixing your stress levels. So, you need to know about these lesser known relaxation techniques that you can put to use to bring your mind at peace.




Everyone has their flaws and so do you. What you need to do is to figure out what these flaws are and once you do, you need to practise self-compassion which means you need to accept these flaws and tell yourself that it's alright to have them.




Writing can help you express your innermost desires and that can help make you feel relaxed and calm. So, keep a journal handy and try to write down a few things every day to help keep yourself feeling relaxed.




Practising gratitude can be a wonderful way to feel relaxed and calm. Sit down, close your eyes and count at least three things that you are thankful for. Instead of only dwelling on your shortcomings, if you focus on the good things as well, things will feel a lot better.




Self-massage is a wonderful relaxation technique and can be used for specific problems like headaches. You literally can get relied by massaging your cheekbones and temples with just your fingertips in small circular motions.


06/8Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation

This one involves tensing on a group of muscles for about 10 seconds while breathing in and then relaxing them as you breathe out. You start working your hand muscles progressing up to your head and then to your lower legs. All you need is 10 to 20 seconds between each muscle group. This technique helps in releasing muscle tension, pains and aches.




This relaxation technique involves creating a detailed visual of a rather attractive and peaceful situation or environment in your mind. This technique is usually practiced with physical relaxation like the previously mentioned muscular relaxation technique. This is where you redirect your focus from whatever your're stressing on to a much calmer and better mental image.


08/8Muscular meditation

Muscular meditation

Also known as rhythmic movement, this technique can particularly be effective when you keep rhythmic breathing in mind while you're working out. Be it walking or swimming or simply exercising, this muscular meditation will help you bring your mind at peace.