01/5These tips will help you air dry your hair with perfection

These tips will help you air dry your hair with perfection

Now, we know everyone loves a good hair cut but ain't nobody got the time to head to the salon every single time you want fabulous looking hair. Not to mention, who can afford to go to the salon that often? And even if you've got a blow dryer at home, it really isn't advisable to apply so much heat to your hair on a regular basis. It can cause permanent damage to your hair. So, sometimes the best thing to do is to air dry your hair. But that might leave it looking frizzy. Well, worry not, here are some tips that will help you air dry your hair with perfection. Take a look.


02/5Mix your products

Mix your products

Who says you should apply just one product to your hair? Sometimes you need a cocktail of products to help give your hair the ultimate glossy look. For example, you could try mixing one part of hair gel with one part of hair mousse. It'll give you sleek and shiny locks without adding any sticky residue.


03/5Comb your hair

Comb your hair

Just applying products to your hair isn't enough; you'll have to comb them through your hair too. When you apply makeup you blend it in perfectly don't you? Well, the same logic applies to your hair also. Once you apply the products, comb your hair properly so that the product gets distributed evenly.


04/5Leave your hair alone

Leave your hair alone

We tend to keep touching our hair and rubbing our fingers through our hair out of habit. But the more you touch your hair, the more prone it is to getting frizzy and looking unkempt. So, let your hair dry completely first and then touch your hair or style it however you want.


05/5Try different air drying styles

Try different air drying styles

Don't just stick to one hairstyle, try different ones to get different looks and see which one suits you best. If your hair doesn't look its best self when you've just left it open, you could tie it into a sleek ponytail or opt for a chic bun. And if you have some extra time on your hands you could also opt for a trendy braid.