01/5Want to improve your mental wellbeing? Make these small changes

Want to improve your mental wellbeing? Make these small changes

Did you know that India is one of the most prominent countries when it comes to high depression rates? That's right; turns out that around 6.5 percent of our population suffers from some sort of serious mental disorder. Unfortunately, even despite such strong statistics, depression is still considered as a taboo subject and people hardly get the help they need for it. So, if you're looking to improve mental wellbeing, here are some changes that you can make.


02/5Start working out

Start working out

"Exercise is extremely important when we're talking about mental health. It helps the body release endorphins which are a natural mood boost. They also help with cognitive functioning because regular exercise helps us feel more in control when a lot of other things seem out of our control," says an expert.


03/5Mindful eating

Mindful eating

Just exercise will not help you out as much as you'd like it to. You also need to be mindful about what you eat. Sure, eating sugary foods and bingeing on alcohol could provide relief but that's only temporary and can end up doing more harm than good. So, make sure you eat nutritious food that can help reduce your stress levels.


04/5Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself

We're sure you have family and friends who are there to support and motivate you but sometimes the push that you truly need comes from within. Just like that, you need to constantly tell yourself that you can accomplish the tasks that you've set up for yourself and you can and you will do a damn good job at it.


05/5Beware of social media

Beware of social media

Social media may have proved to be a boon in terms of getting to know more people and getting in touch with family and friends but there's also a lot of fakeness out there. You might feel like everyone has a perfect life (even though they might not) and that might make you feel worse about yourself. So, make sure that you filter your time online.