01/8Be a glow-getter!

Be a glow-getter!

The death of contouring meant the rise of another magnanimous makeup trend – highlighting. And as one would expect, in the spirit of diving into a brand new trend, most people just dived right in – highlighting themselves from head to toe, losing its essence as one went with it! People either do one of the two things, highlight everywhere, or highlight just one point, which begs us to think, a makeup basics lesson is the need of the hour. The thumb rule however is to apply highlighter on parts where the sun hits first, giving you a dimensional, lifted look. But if you still can’t figure out the highlighter on your own, here’s makeup basic lesson on where you can apply your highlighter.


02/8Inner corner of the eye

Inner corner of the eye

No exaggeration –the easiest way to make the eye pop is poppin in some highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. Not only does it make the eye look brighter, it also appears bigger and more doll-like. Try it!


03/8On the collarbone

On the collarbone

If you’re showing off your collarbone, give it some movie star glam by brushing a highlighter over it. Your collarbone would appear more enhanced. You will not regret this!


04/8Centre of the forehead

Centre of the forehead

The thumb rule of highlighting in makeup dictates, applying the highlighter on the places light hits fit. The centre of your forehead is the forefront of your face. It’s among the first places light hits. Light apply a highlighter only on the centre of your face. This will make your face appear dewy, glowing and sculpted.




Obvious, but still worthy of the attention. Do not confuse it with your blush application. While your blush also goes on your cheekbones, your highlighter should be applied a tiny bit higher over your blush. Apply the highlighter lightly and blend with the blush for a natural look or go all out for a glam party look.


06/8Bridge of the nose

Bridge of the nose

For the nose, practice restrain, even if your look is a glam one. Use a small blending brush to lightly apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose. This will make it look lifted without an elaborate contour routine. If you intend to take it up a notch, apply a tiny bit of highlighter on tip of the nose as well.


07/8Cupid’s bow

Cupid’s bow

Fuller lips don’t always require lip fillers or worse, over lining. (The horror of your lipstick wiping off the edges!) All you need your perfect nude lipstick and a tiny dab of highlighter on the cupid’s bow. A little highlighter will add that extra pop, while giving you a fuller pout appearance.


08/8Brow bone

Brow bone

If you thought the blinding white/gold eyeshadow hue in your eyeshadow palette was of no use to you, clearly you weren’t paying attention. Apply that eyeshadow hue on the brow bone, and blend it with the rest of the makeup. Not only will it make your eyebrows look sharper, it makes your eyes appear lifted and younger!