01/8Follow these tips if you want to move out with ease

Follow these tips if you want to move out with ease

We all know just how tiring and tedious it can be to shift houses. While packing everything can be a task in itself, the thought of getting all that stuff to some other place can be even worse. Add to that having to manage daily tasks, like going to work, travelling and even cooking and the whole situation starts to look like a nightmare. Well, just because a problem has arisen doesn't mean there are no solutions to it. All you need is some proper management and you'll be able to get all your shifting done in no time. Here are some tips that will help you move out with ease. Take a look.


02/8Do your prep for the moving day

Do your prep for the moving day

Get a proper layout of your next house and mark your boxes accordingly. Then tell the in-charge where which boxes need to be placed (not just the room but the spot too if you can). So, things like heavy furniture need not be moved inside the house later on if they're already placed in the spot where they need to be unpacked.


03/8Opt for a first night box

Opt for a first night box

You also need to ensure that you pack up a box with essentials that you'll need on the first night after moving into your new place. Unless you do this, you'll only end up getting hassled by trying to open various different boxes to get to different things.


04/8Don't put liquids with dry stuff

Don't put liquids with dry stuff

If you have multiple liquids lying around like toilet cleaners, perfumes etc, make sure to pack these separately and not with the dry stuff. In case they leak, they won't end up ruining any of your dry stuff that way.


05/8Make a list

Make a list

The very first thing you need to do is to make a list of all the things that you own and need to be moved. Unless you do this, you're bound to end up missing something that should've been in some particular carton or bag. Making a list will keep things organised and will help you figure out exactly where which thing is.


06/8Make sure your next house is ready

Make sure your next house is ready

Don't shift into a house without checking everything first. See if all the lights work or all the taps run smoothly and so on so that you can shift in without having to get anything fixed. The house should be in tip-top condition by the time you need to move in.


07/8Pick the right movers and packers

Pick the right movers and packers

It would be really stupid if you don't check up on your movers and packers before finalising on them. There could literally be a heaven and earth difference between the prices that different movers and packers have to offer. Make sure that you check their ratings, ask your friends if they know someone good and cost-effective and also ask at least 4-5 packers to come and take a survey of your house. It'll help determine the costs and the time required for the move.


08/8Clear things out now that you have the opportunity

Clear things out now that you have the opportunity

More often than not we end up hoarding stuff that we don't need. And even though we know that we need to clear it up, we just keep putting it off until it's really required. So, now that you have the opportunity to move out, make sure that you start clearing all unwanted things too. Try to donate or recycle all your unwanted things before you move into the next house.