01/8Here's how to increase dopamine levels the natural way

Here's how to increase dopamine levels the natural way

Want to feel more pleasure? Increase dopamine levels. This chemical messenger is responsible for a host of functions that can make you feel extremely good. It is also part of the process that helps to regulate body movements, as well as memory, motivation and reward. High levels of it will keep you motivated to repeat certain behaviours. Low levels of dopamine can cause you to feel motivated to do things that would otherwise get people excited. Even though dopamine levels are regulated in the body, there are natural ways you can increase those levels. Here are a few tips to get started.


02/8Opt for some caffeine

Opt for some caffeine

Caffeine doesn't just help us get rid of that grogginess in the morning but can also work wonders in boosting productivity. It also increases the release of dopamine in the brain and in areas that are linked to attention and focus. So, opt for some coffee or dark chocolate while you're at it and see how your dopamine levels will increase.


03/8Avoid sweeteners

Avoid sweeteners

Sweets can give you a dopamine kick but it's not really healthy for you and after one point you'll get addicted to it. So, try and avoid sweeteners as much as you can. Also, avoid aspartame as it can reduce the levels of dopamine in your brain.


04/8Get more human contact

Get more human contact

Humans are social beings which is why we feel good when we're in contact with other people. In fact, human contact can be so good that it triggers dopamine not just in your brain but also in the brain of the person you're hugging or caressing. Even shaking hands can work wonders.


05/8Consume protein

Consume protein

There are close to 23 different kinds of amino acids, which make up proteins. Some the body can synthesize, while others you have to obtain from food. However, an amino acid known as tyrosins plays an important function in the process of dopamine. This is because enzymes can turn tyrosine into dopamine in the body. That is why it is important to have enough of this kind of amino acid. Turkey, eggs, dairy, soy, and legumes are protein-rich foods you can consume for this purpose. This can help improve memory and thinking.


06/8Reduce saturated fat intake

Reduce saturated fat intake

Dopamine signalling in the brain may be disrupted due to the consumption of saturated fats like butter, animal fat, full-fat dairy, palm oil and coconut oil. Therefore it is best to consume these kinds of foods in moderation. A study conducted on rats found those that ate 50% of their calories from saturated fats had very low dopamine signalling. Researchers found these changes can happen even when there is no change to blood sugar levels or weight. This meal could impact memory and cognitive functioning in humans.




Exercise has a powerful impact on our mood. Doing a physical activity even for 10 minutes can help boost your mood. Research conducted on animals has shown exercise can increase dopamine levels in the brain. Another study found that performing yoga for six days for an hour can significantly improve dopamine levels, which could help give your mood a big boost.


08/8Consume probiotics

Consume probiotics

Scientists have discovered a strong link between the brain and the gut. The gut contains many big nerve cells that have been found to produce neurotransmitter signalling molecules like dopamine. Researchers have also found that some species of bacteria in the gut are able to produce dopamine. This can have an effect on your mood and behaviour. While more research is needed to understand this connection, researchers say there is a link between probiotics, gut health and mood.