01/6Here's how you can prep for that video conference if you've overslept in the morning

Here's how you can prep for that video conference if you've overslept in the morning

Did you just wake up to realise that you overslept by a lot and now you have like 15 minutes to get ready for that video conference call from work? We're sure you're in full-on panic mode by now but let's just tell you there's no need to go all crazy because all you need is 5 minutes to make sure you look awake and presentable. Some skincare and makeup will help come to your rescue here and will ensure that you can sit through that con call without anyone noticing that you woke up just 15 minutes ago. Here are some hacks that will help. Take a look.


02/6Use a facial roller

Use a facial roller

Using a facial roller can come in rather handy at this time since it'll help increase blood circulation in your face which can help reduce the puffy look. And in case you don't have a roller at home right now, you could just use two spoons and rub them all over your face. Do remember to put them in the freezer to chill them first.


03/6Wash your face

Wash your face

Just splash some cold water onto your face and it’ll immediately drive all the sleepiness away from your eyes and will make them look more open. It’ll also ensure that your face looks clean and neat and will reduce puffiness significantly. You could also use a mild cleanser to help get rid of any dirt or impurities that might be clogged into your skin.


04/6Spritz on some mist

Spritz on some mist

One of the easiest ways to make your skin look fabulous is to spritz on some face mist. You could also opt for rosewater instead if you have it on you. Just spritz some on your face and it’ll give you that natural dewy glow. And no one will know that you were asleep a mere minutes before.


05/6Opt for kajal

Opt for kajal

Remember how you decided to go au natural at work one day and opted to go sans kajal and then everyone thought you were unwell? Yes, so to avoid something like that all over again, why not just opt for some kajal on your waterline? It’ll immediately help your eyes pop open and will hide the puffiness underneath.


06/6Some blush will help

Some blush will help

Natural skin also has a hint of flush around the cheeks so if you want to make everyone think that you woke up looking gorgeous, just dab on some blush to your cheeks and you'll end up with that natural-looking flush. Plus, it'll help make you look more awake and ready to slay the day.