01/5Warning signs that indicate you are really stressed out

Warning signs that indicate you are really stressed out

Most people living in 2019 are dealing with some form of stress. Hectic schedules, crazy work life, an emotional personal life can all take a toll on a person and cause a lot of stress. You may not even realise just how stressed out you are because there is little time to ponder over your troubles. But when your stress levels are really high, that's when it's time to put everything else on hold and check on your well being. If you are unsure how bad is really bad, let your body do the explaining. There are many physical signs that can help you understand when your stress levels are through the roof. Here are some of the physical signs that indicate you are dealing with a lot of stress.


02/5Persistent headaches

Persistent headaches

If you are experiencing a throbbing headache that just won't go away, it may be due to stress. "Headaches are more likely to occur when you're stressed," the Mayo Clinic told a news portal. Adding, "Stress is a common trigger of tension-type headaches and migraine, and can trigger other types of headaches or make them worse." The quickest way to treat this issue is by taking time to relax and stay calm. If your headaches are getting worse, consult with a doctor.


03/5You have an upset tummy

You have an upset tummy

Your stomach may be the first places that can indicate you are experiencing stress. "A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut," according to Harvard Health. Stress can cause stomach acid, which can create digestive issues like ulcers. Nausea, bloating, pain and burning in your tummy could be signs of stress.




A glass of water may be all you need to reduce stress. This is because dehydration can make it difficult for the body to function well and as a result cause stress. "Studies have shown that being just half a litre dehydrated can increase your cortisol levels," Amanda Carlson, RD, director of performance nutrition at Athletes' Performance, told a news portal. Adding, "Cortisol is one of those stress hormones. Staying in a good hydrated status can keep your stress levels down. When you don't give your body the fluids it needs, you're putting stress on it, and it's going to respond to that."


05/5Sweating profusely

Sweating profusely

Sweating when you feel a little stressed is normal. However, feeling really worried and anxious can cause excessive sweating. "When the body is reacting to an emotion, like anxiety, stress or excitement, sweat is released from the apocrine glands," Piedmont Health told a news portal. In this state, apocrine glands produce sweat that is comprised of fatty acids and proteins. These glands are in your armpit, groin, and scalp. While it does not give off an odour, it could start to smell if it lingers on the skin for too long.