01/8Try these delicious wedding favour ideas for your wedding guests

Try these delicious wedding favour ideas for your wedding guests

Weddings are anything but basic these days, wouldn't you agree? From quirky photo booths to some mind-blowing decor and even food trucks, people have started to get really imaginative with their weddings. So, needless to say, you've probably thought of some amazing ideas for your wedding as well. And while you may have thought about experimenting with the venue or the wedding cards, you've probably not thought much about the wedding favours you'll hand out to your guests. After all, there's not much you can opt for apart from a mithai ka dabba, right? Wrong! There are so many ideas you could try out that even your guests will be thankful for. Here are some quirky wedding favours you definitely should try out for your wedding.


02/8Personalised Candies

Personalised Candies

If you're looking for the cutest thing to gift your wedding guests then this is it, people! This is it. Personalised candies will look so adorable and they'll make amazing favours for not just kids but also people who love all things sweet.


03/8Organic Honey

Organic Honey

One really healthy option you could opt for would be to hand out jars of organic honey. You could tie beautiful ribbons on the rim and attach thank you notes for added personalisation. Trust us, people are going to love this 'sweet' gesture.


04/8Flavoured Makhanas

Flavoured Makhanas

Want to try a different flavour instead of something sweet? Opt for jars of flavoured makhanas to gift your guests. Our personal favourites are pepper and garlic but you could opt for a variety of them. Not only are they healthy, but they'll also taste great.




The cake is literally what goes best with a wedding so why not take things a step further and opt for some cute cupcakes for your wedding favour? Put them in a cute box that your guests can carry and you could even personalise the cupcakes with special thank you messages on them.




Who doesn't love cookies? They make for the ultimate snack and they're perfect to gift to your guests. Instead of opting for regular flavours you could just try something different to give your guests a favour they'll remember for long. You could even have the names of the guests written on the cookies to add that personal touch.


07/8Organic Chocolates

Organic Chocolates

Mithai is mithai but then chocolate is also chocolate. And if there's one thing people love more than anything else, it has to be chocolate. After having an amazing meal at your wedding, your guests sure are going to appreciate the chocolates you'll hand out to them for dessert.




Want to keep things simple and healthy? Say no to excess sugar and opt for some natural fruits instead. Decorate the boxes with cute ribbons and bows and you could even wrap up the fruits in colourful papers. Throw in a few flower petals and your guests are sure to be impressed.