01/7Keep yourself aware of these relationship killers and don't let it affect yours

Keep yourself aware of these relationship killers and don't let it affect yours

As much as relationships are flawlessly flowing forward, they also require special care and nurturing so as to not let it break. There is constant effort that is needed for a relationship to work positively and maturely. Of course, there are problems that will arise, but that's where the effort has to be put in twice as hard as it needs on a regular basis. If you notice a fall in your relationship, it might be because of some day-to-day things that have been changing over time. These are called the relationship killers. Once they come in the way, be sure for your relationship to end sooner than later. You should be keeping an eye on these relationship killers if you want yours to be saved.


02/7Picking on the negatives

Picking on the negatives

It's one thing to know of each other's shortcomings and other to accept them. You'll get used to each other's little flaws but you can't pick on everything negative in your partner. It is healthy to discuss about their weaknesses and how to grow through them. But it is only going to kill your relationship if you keep picking on everything negative in them and only concentrate on those. Try having a broader mind and explain each other things as and when needed. Softer words work like magic than harsher comments.


03/7Talking less and commanding more

Talking less and commanding more

A conversation only survives when both of you are equally invested in the talk. If there are issues, talk and sort them out. Commanding something to your partner and being stubborn about it is not going to help. They're your partner and not servants to do whatever you ask them to do.


04/7Lack of support

Lack of support

A relationship works beautifully if the two of you are very supportive of each other's big or small decisions. But if either one of you is not very sure of what the other person wants and constantly keeps nagging instead of being supportive, it's all going down the drain sooner than later.


05/7There's no trust

There's no trust

There will be times when either of you do things that makes the other person not trust you enough. But if nicely resolved, this should not be an issue in the future. Although, if you still keep doubting your partner in spite of them continuing to be loyal to you, trust us when we say this, the relationship isn't going anywhere.


06/7'We' becomes 'I'

'We' becomes 'I'

When you get into a relationship, you prioritize your partner and make them feel they're not alone in whatever they do. You plan things with them. You see the future with them by your side. And once this 'we' starts to become 'I', things will start falling apart. It's true everyone needs to be a little selfish and can't always agree to what the other person demands. But there has to be a limit to it and a way through it. There can always be choices that you can make which favours the both of you.


07/7Difference in opinion

Difference in opinion

Of course, two people are allowed to have different perspective towards things. But that doesn't mean you have to get offended with what your partner thinks of a certain thing. Not even try to convince them about your opinion and leave them with no option but to choose the way you think. This will lead to fights, ugly ones. Avoid that. Respect each other's decisions and opinions and live by them.