01/5Have You Tried These Non-Alcoholic Beers yet?

Have You Tried These Non-Alcoholic Beers yet?

We all have that one friend in the group who’s always chugging coke or a mocktail while sitting at the bar. Do you happen to be that friend? No need to be bashful about it, it’s completely okay to fancy alcohol. In fact, you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Next time when you are playing the drinking game try these non-alcoholic beers instead. They taste so good!

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02/5Coolberg-Zero Alcohol Beer

Coolberg-Zero Alcohol Beer

Coolberg is probably the most popular local zero alcohol beer available in India. It comes in six fruity flavours. Each flavour is refreshing and sweet in taste, minus the bitterness of the beer.

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03/5Kingfisher Radler

Kingfisher Radler

Recently launched in India, Kingfisher Radler comes in three zesty flavours. It claims to be made with 100% natural ingredients along with 30% less sugar.

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04/5Budweiser 0.0

Budweiser 0.0

Budweiser 0.0 is one interesting creation. The packaging looks just like any other alcoholic beer and promises to taste very close to real beer, but minus the after-effects. How cool?

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05/5Elephant House Ginger beer

Elephant House Ginger beer

A great mix of sweet and sour flavours, Elephant House Ginger beer comes with a distinctive ginger taste. Surprisingly it is better than other carbonated drinks that you regularly have.

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