01/13Always feel put down by your ‘best friend’? Chances are they may be toxic

Always feel put down by your ‘best friend’? Chances are they may be toxic

When it comes to relationships, people are always ready to jump the wagon on talking you out of one that seems to be abusive. But when it comes to friendships people are often a lot more lenient. This happens because people often fail to recognise that they're in a toxic friendship. And what's more, people hardly even believe that friendships can be toxic. But friendships are relationships too and if someone is being bad to you, you have the right to walk out. o, if you feel like you're way better off without a certain friend in your life then here are some signs that'll help prove for sure that your friendship with this person is toxic. Take a look.


02/13They discredit everything you do

They discredit everything you do

Such people are never really your friends, to begin with. They'll doubt everything you do whether it's your job or the person you're dating and this can take a toll on your self-esteem. Plus, these people also tend to belittle your feelings which will only make you feel worse.


03/13They like to freeload

They like to freeload

Such people like to keep taking and taking without giving anything in return. They'll eat with you without paying a penny or they'll end up taking things from you without ever bothering to even say thank you let alone buy you something in return.


04/13They're often upset with you about vague things

They're often upset with you about vague things

Even though it's hard to explain, people who've been through this will know just what we're talking about. Toxic people know just how to make you feel like you've done something wrong but will never actually tell you what the problem is. They want you feeling guilty all the time so that you're always on your toes about "fixing" what you did wrong.


05/13You're always stressed in the friendship

You're always stressed in the friendship

If any friendship is failing to provide you with the support you need then you absolutely need to end the friendship. It is not okay for you to feel stressed around your friends, in fact, they're supposed to make you feel the opposite. You deserve the love you provide them with.


06/13They constantly put you down

They constantly put you down

Some people have a habit of putting others down and that really is not the best trait to have. A friend is supposed to encourage you and make you feel good about yourself rather than telling you things like, 'Oh god that dress makes you look so fat, what were you thinking?'. If this is how it constantly is then you need to say goodbye to this friend for good.


07/13You feel bound to them

You feel bound to them

Manipulative people know just how to make you give them your time, attention, money or basically anything that they deem is worthy of their attention. And the one tip they all use to make you do this is by emotionally blackmailing you by saying things like 'Well, you can do at least this much for me'.


08/13They cross boundaries

They cross boundaries

Everyone sets certain boundaries in their relationships. And it's essential that these boundaries are maintained. So, if you find that your friend insists on breaking these boundaries, chances are they just want to get into your head. If there's something you're not comfortable talking about or if you don't want to do a certain thing, that's your right. They can't force you into anything.


09/13They're competitive

They're competitive

This is pretty much the definition of a toxic friendship. Your friend should be happy for you if you have good grades or that you've got a good job or that you're getting married. Life is not a competition, if your friend can't be happy for you, then they shouldn't be your friend.


10/13It's A One-Way Street

It's A One-Way Street

If you often find yourself listening intently to your best friend talk about things, but the same isn’t the case when you have to share something, that’s a one way street all the way. A friendship wouldn’t be real one if both of the people feel valued and head. If you find your best friend exhibiting this on multiple occasions, it’s time you take a backseat on that friendship.

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