01/8Effective ways to tone your thighs

Effective ways to tone your thighs

There is no time like summer to get you motivated to stick to your weight loss goals and get the body of your dreams. Almost everyone on the planet wants to have toned legs, am I right? While eating right and exercising is essential to achieving that goal, there are specific exercises you can do to target the legs and thighs so they tone up. You have to ensure that the workouts you're doing include exercises that also focus on the hamstrings, glutes, tensors, adductors, calves and quads. This will help to make your muscles lean. Here are a few exercises you can do for 20 minutes to achieve tones thighs.




For this one, you need to stand straight without bending backwards or forward and ensure that your legs are apart facing either direction. Then, flex your knees and bend your lower body. While you do this, push your knees back with the back of your palms. Once done, move your hands to the side like a ballerina and then slowly stand up. Repeat this set 10 times for best results.


03/8Scissor Kicks

Scissor Kicks

Lie down flat on your back and make sure your body is in a straight line. Then, slowly lift up your legs at a 45-degree angle. Raise your right leg upward while moving your left leg down and then vice versa. Do this 15 times for best results.


04/8Inner Thigh Circles

Inner Thigh Circles

Get down on your knees and palms and then lift your right leg up towards the side. Make sure you use your left knee and palms to keep your body balanced. Then, start making small circles using your right leg. First, make 5 small circles then make 5 large circles in the clockwise direction. Next, make 5 small circles and then large circles in the anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this exercise for your left leg.




Squats are great for the thighs and hip. The workout focuses on the calves, lower back, quads, hamstrings and glutes. To do this exercise, squat and make sure to keep your knees shoulder-width apart. While your shoulders are relaxed in this position, you should keep your core engaged. Next, flex your knees and go as low as you as if you were sitting on a chair. If you are just starting out, perform 10 reps. If your knees start to hurt, you are doing it incorrectly. Make sure to align yourself properly before you begin.


06/8Jumping squat

Jumping squat

Jumping squat focuses on the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, adductors.To do this workout, make sure your knees are straight and flexed. Place your hands on your side and use it for when you take that jump. Do two sets of 10 reps. If this is easy and you want to make it more challenging there is a simple thing you can do. You can also put your hands behind your head when you jump or bring your legs together before you take that leap.


07/8Outer and inner thigh kick

Outer and inner thigh kick

The outer and inner thigh kick move works on your glutes, quads and adductors. Begin by standing behind a chair and hold the back of it. Keep your core engaged while you relax your shoulders. Raise your right leg high and swing it to the left and then right again. Repeat this with your left leg. Do two sets of 10 reps for this one. Make sure your knees are straight when you perform this workout.


08/8Single leg circles

Single leg circles

Single leg circles target the quads and adductors. Lay on your back and stretch your legs out. Place your arms on your side. Next, draw one of your knees into your chest and stretch out the other leg. Do the same with the other side. After this take one leg and begin to perform circular motion clockwise and anticlockwise. Do at least eight rounds of this on each side. It is important to concentrate on your breath while performing this exercise.