01/5Pass the time at home with these beauty-related productive things!

Pass the time at home with these beauty-related productive things!

Okay, let's be honest, when we were initially asked to sit at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, we were all thankful and also relieved that we got some time from the daily hustle and bustle. But now that the curfews keep extending and we're forced to opt for social distancing indefinitely, things are beginning to seem a little mundane. Well, if you've watched all the shows you wanted to and have read all the books and have done basically everything you thought you would do, maybe it's time to get a little productive. So, if you're stuck at home and want desperately to pass the time, here are some beauty-related things you can opt for.


02/5Get organising with that makeup!

Get organising with that makeup!

Unless you're a cleanliness freak we're sure more than half the things on your dressing table and in your vanity are left all haphazard. So, utilise all this 'free' time that you now have and organise all your makeup. Stack things up neatly and clean all the drawers that need cleaning. It'll also help you destress so ideally it's a win-win situation.


03/5Opt for facials with your mum and siblings

Opt for facials with your mum and siblings

Now, that you guys have so much time on your hands you should make the best of it and give your skin some much-needed love and care. And why not include your family in it too? You, your mum and your sisters can just all hang together and chill while giving each other facials. It'll be like a good bonding sesh for you all.


04/5Clean your makeup brushes

Clean your makeup brushes

You know they need a good cleaning session, don't you? If you're someone who uses their makeup brushes regularly then you need to ensure that you wash them at least twice a week (and we mean really wash them with soap and ingredients that will clean them nicely). So clean your brushes now that you have a chance to do it.


05/5Get rid of expired things

Get rid of expired things

We're sure that your mum's ability to hoard unnecessary things has been passed down to you which is why you're still holding on to that lipstick that expired 2 years ago and that blush that's been around since you graduated. Expired makeup is bad for your skin girls! So, throw everything that's expired and make sure not to hoard so many things.