01/5All you brides-to-be should opt for these tips to stay refreshed while in lockdown

All you brides-to-be should opt for these tips to stay refreshed while in lockdown

As a bride-to-be, you dream of all the things you get to do before your wedding day, be it shopping with your besties or opting for the best spa session ever. But now that the coronavirus has poked a hole in your dreams, all you brides-to-be are probably sitting and sulking at home. Well, sulking isn't going to solve anything though, is it? So, why not utilise this time to opt for ways in which you can stay in shape and be fresh by the time the lockdown is lifted? Here are some things that will help you pass the time during the lockdown.


02/5Opt for a facial

Opt for a facial

Just cause you're stuck at home doesn't mean you shouldn't give your skin all the love and pampering it deserves. Opt for a fun facial session that will leave your skin glowing and radiant. You could also opt for DIY face masks and scrubs if you want to try something different.


03/5Make a new dish

Make a new dish

Yes, even if you absolutely despise cooking, trust us when we say, opting for a new recipe and seeing it turn out well is nothing short of therapeutic. It'll help you master your cooking skills and you'll have a new recipe to cook with bae once you're out of the lockdown. Plus chopping up vegetables does help you release some steam.


04/5Exercise like a boss

Exercise like a boss

You don't have to laze around all day just because the gym is closed or because you can't step outside for a jog or run. You could always just workout at home. And if exercise isn't the thing for you then you could opt for a cardio session or put on your favourite song and dance away. They'll still help burn calories.


05/5Binge-watch your favourite shows and films

Binge-watch your favourite shows and films

Sometimes just sitting and doing nothing can also help. You can take this time to watch all those shows and movies that you missed out on. And it isn't like you're going to get the time to do any of this again once the lockdown is lifted. So, take some time and relax while you can.