01/11Super-foods that are in fact not that super

Super-foods that are in fact not that super

We often take a lot of care when it comes to health, which is even right. From following a workout routine to a diet, we do it all to keep fit, fine and everything nice. But there are times when we over eat the super-foods which are apparently supposed to do wonders to our body and health in general. Let us tell you, not all of them are actually as 'super' as you think they are. Just how you're advised to not over workout as your body needs its rest, you're required to eat these super-foods in moderation for them to not react negatively on your health.


02/11Protein powder

Protein powder

Protein powders are considered to be really healthy, but they contain a range of processed ingredients which make your protein smoothie less healthier than you imagine. There are many such protein powders that can give you digestive issues because of bulky plant fibres or poor quality whey.


03/11Multigrain foods

Multigrain foods

Multigrain baked foods that boast of a shelf life longer than a couple of days are full of sugars, preservatives and unhealthy fats. Let them be on the shelves itself and turn to naturally fermented sourdough breads and baked goods from a local source.


04/11Chia seeds

Chia seeds

These seeds sure are rich in protein, calcium, iron, omega-3s and fibre. But chia seeds cause digestive issues for those who have sensitive stomachs. This is because they absorb almost 12 times more amount of water than their weight.




Cabbages are rich in gastrointestinal cleansing and also reduces the risk of cancer. But if consumed raw, cabbage can be a hormone disruptor. It can give you imbalances in mood and digestion.




This vitamin C infused juicy fruit can not work all that well for people with blood sugar problems. For those who would want to stick to a low-glycemic diet should consume small portions of this fruit after a meal.




Beetroot sure gives you a stronger immune system and reduces the risk of cancer, but it can also give you constipation. This vegetable also has a lot of sugar which can be problematic for people who suffer from blood sugar issues.


08/11Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea does have great benefits, but it all comes down to just one cup a day. Otherwise, the over consumption of it might result in headaches, jitters and an upset stomach.




Oh, how tasty this vegetable is, don't you agree. And as much as we'd love to binge on it, broccoli sure is not that super as a healthy food. Eating a lot of it might really give you unstable moods or bodily functions.


10/11Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are very rich in Vitamin C and reduces the risk of cancer. But a lot of it might give you gas, bloating and inflammation. And we're sure no one would want that to happen with these kinds of super-foods.