01/18Here's how you can slow down the ageing process

Here's how you can slow down the ageing process

Dehydration, no skincare routine, and too much sun exposure are some of the things that can accelerate the ageing process sooner than we would like. Let's face it, who doesn't want beautiful and youthful-looking skin? While it's no secret that there are a plethora of external factors that could play a part in ruining your skin, did you know certain things you do can also destroy your skin's glow? Wondering what these things could possibly be? Here is a list of everyday things that might be ruining your skin.


02/18Sitting under fluorescent lighting

Sitting under fluorescent lighting

More often than not we don't realise that things as simple as fluorescent lighting may contain enough radiation to cause skin damage. “Research doesn’t show currently that it’s enough to cause skin cancer, but it definitely accelerate sun damage and photo-aging,” says an expert. This is why you should wear sunscreen all the time when you're outdoors.


03/18Fad diets

Fad diets

Plenty of people opt for fad diets these days as an attempt to lose weight fast. But weight isn't the only thing they lose, their skin loses its elasticity and glow as well. “Our skin loses elasticity as we age and this process can be accelerated by fluctuations in weight,” explains an expert.


04/18Sleeping facedown

Sleeping facedown

As absurd as this might sound to you, it actually is true. When you sleep facing downwards your face gets smushed into the pillow. This could make your skin stretch unnecessarily and could lead to lines and creases on your face.


05/18Drinking through a straw

Drinking through a straw

Straws could help you avoid staining your teeth when you drink through them but they also require you to pucker your lips. And doing that could lead to lines around your lips. These lines, unfortunately, are permanent so better avoid them when possible.


06/18Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing your eyes

If you're someone who has the habit of rubbing your eyes quite often, you must stop immediately. We understand the your eyes can dry and get all itchy sometimes, but rubbing them with your fingers will only loosen the skin around them and make it vulnerable to sun damage and wrinkling. This can start making your face look wrinkled and aged. Hence, always avoid rubbing your eyes and instead, gently dab them with soft cloth if at all they get itchy.




This might sound odd to you but it is indeed true. One of the most common expressions we have is squinting. We do it when we're happy, sad, when we're unable to read something or when we can't see in the sun. The problem with this expression is that it can lead to the development of crow's feet near your eyes and this can make you look older than you are.


08/18Using chemical-infused skincare products

Using chemical-infused skincare products

Your everyday skincare products can also consist of some seriously scaring ingredients. If they're chemical-infused it can mimic hormones, cause internal signaling issues, destroy hormones and also leads to premature cell death.


09/18Taking too much stress

Taking too much stress

Taking constant stress will take a toll on your mental and physical health. And if you don't bring a solution to the same, it can even speed up the ageing process. There are studies that say that people who are too stresses or depressed will experience a greater and cognitive decline as they age.


10/18Not cleansing at night

Not cleansing at night

If you live in a city then you know just how much pollution, dirt and grime there is when you step out. So, if you don't cleanse your skin after returning home then it'll naturally make your skin look bad. When your skin is exposed to so much pollution, its radiance will diminish and that youthful glow will fade away.