01/5Did you know about these weird sex positions?

Did you know about these weird sex positions?

Pretzel Dip: Well, when you think of pretzels we're sure something delicious comes to your mind. But this is something way different. The pretzel style apparently requires a woman to lie on her right side while her partner straddles her and lifts her left leg.


02/5The Waterfall

The Waterfall

Strap in, it's only going to get weirder. In this case, a man lies on his back on the edge of the bed. While his lower half is on the bed his torso is hanging from it. Basically, his head touches the ground. The woman then takes on the cowgirl position on top of him.


03/5The Spider

The Spider

While you may not want to associate sex with an eight-legged creepy crawly, this one is actually rather famous. In this one, a man and woman are supposed to sit facing each other. Then holding each other for support with their legs intertwined, they do the deed.


04/5The Ballet

The Ballet

Note: Do not try this if you aren't fit as a fiddle! We, repeat, you need to have extraordinary fitness levels for this one. The woman stands on her toes in front of the man and then wraps one leg around him. He holds her for support and then they carry on.


05/5Leap Frog

Leap Frog

Well, looks like they ran out of ideas to name the different positions so they just called it whatever animal came to their mind. This one is a mixture between the doggy style and the frog style. The woman lies face down on the bed with just her hips elevated and her arms resting on the bed. The man is positioned behind her.