01/6Consume these foods immediately as they tend to turn stale soon

Consume these foods immediately as they tend to turn stale soon

This is the time when you're paying all your attention to stocking up your kitchen as well as your fridge with all things healthy and needed for the next couple of weeks. While there are a lot of food items that can go on for months, there is a list of few which can turn stale in no time. Hence, you must know which foods you're supposed to munch on or make use of in some or the other recipes as soon as possible so as to consume them while they're still healthy and fresh. Also make sure you're storing your food items all too well. Research on the basics of what needs to slide in the refrigerator and what needs to lie down on your kitchen counter.


02/6Green beans

Green beans

Be it fresh or cooked, green beans can only last for five to seven days in the refrigerator. If you keep them for longer than that, they will turn moist and limp. You need to keep the beans dry when you store them as they can become damp quite quickly and they also grow mold.




Many of you must know that berries are considered to be highly perishable fruits. Just in a couple of days, they will tend to mold and become discoloured and wet. You need to store them in the fridge for maximum freshness but also make sure to consume them withing just a few days.




Tomatoes easily survive in heat but not in cold climates. Hence, putting them in the fridge is the biggest mistake that you're probably making as they will only soften and become mealy. Make sure to use them sooner than later as no one would like to use tomatoes that turn stale.




The maximum time that you're supposed to store avocado at room temperature is for three to four days and 10 days if they're kept in the fridge. Anything more than that is only a waste as this expensive fruit tends to spoil in a really short duration. Also if you've already used half of it, make sure you're using the other half on the next day itself or be prepared to see how you wasted avocado by not using it.




You can store bananas in your pantry or the kitchen counter for two to five days only. It's also very important to keep the unripe bananas away from the ones that are already ripe. But once the bananas are ripe, make sure you consume them sooner than later as they tend to soften and turn state in no time.