01/5Here are some friendship realities you will learn as you grow up

Here are some friendship realities you will learn as you grow up

Bollywood created some unrealistic expectations for us when it showed us that true love was everlasting and that we'd all get to live happily ever after. While the reality finally hit us like a truck, there's one more thing that Bollywood is to be blamed for - unrealistic friendship expectations. We've all got friends and best friends but unlike in the films, we don't always stay friends with people we've known for ages. Times change, situations change, circumstances change and people change accordingly. As you grow up you'll learn that in reality friendships are much more different than you imagined them to be. Here are some things you should know about.


02/5You can break up with a friend too!

You can break up with a friend too!

Yes, as much as this may seem impossible because we're taught that friendship triumphs all, there are heartbreaks in friendship as well. You might end up getting used and then treated like garbage or you might get stabbed in the back by someone who was like family to you and of course, it will make you feel awful but it will also serve as a lesson for you. It will teach you that no matter who the person is, you need to be careful before trusting someone and believing in them blindly.


03/5Friendships change with priorities

Friendships change with priorities

When you're in school or college you have plenty of time to hang out with your friends and you end up thinking that these are the people who will be by your side forever. But then you start working and you get busy and before you know it, your priorities change. From texting someone every day to telling them everything about your life you end up hardly talking to them once in a few months because neither of you has the time.


04/5People look for convenience in friendships

People look for convenience in friendships

You might think that your friends will accept you for whoever you are and whatever you do but trust us that really doesn't happen. People stay in friendships that are convenient for them and let go of the ones that are not. As long as you agree with them and they think that your thoughts match theirs they will gladly be friends with you. But the moment something goes wrong even slightly and they think that you won't agree with them they'll let you go.


05/5You'll have different friends for different needs

You'll have different friends for different needs

As much as you might love your bestie and share things with her, you will have other friends that you might share certain things with too. People have different friends for different needs. You might have a movie friend, a dinner friend, a friend who listens to you rant and a friend who you just talk to once every month. The point is that you shouldn't feel guilty about having different friends with whom you do different things rather than having just one friend with whom you do everything.