01/5Did you know how often or not you should put these things to wash?

Did you know how often or not you should put these things to wash?

Laundry is a chore that people either do on a daily basis, alternate days or every week. Yo usually don't try to push this farther as you'd want fresh clothes to put on and not want dirty clothes to lie around without a wash for too long. But apart from just the clothes in your closet, there are so many other things in your house that needs a wash. Have you thought about those? If yes, do you know how often you need to wash these items? Before you proceed to read about these items, always make sure yo read the product labels for brand-specific recommendations before you trust any other information on washing.




Have you ever though that the reason you've not been getting good sleep could also be because of your unwashed bed sheets? These sheets carry sweat along with harmful bacteria which can linger on the sheets for too long. Hence, you should be washing your sheets at least once every week.




Just like bed sheets and comforters, any additional and blankets or throws must be washed every month. Washing machine setting usually depends on the fabric of the blankets.




Not just pillow cases, but you are also supposed to wash the pillows at least twice in a year. You must keep your pillows fresh and clean and so you need to wash and dry them on low heat.




You should know that you must wash your swimsuits after every use. Check the swimsuit labels and washing machine guides. Swim-wears should require a quick post-swim rinse in cold water on a fast spin speed.