01/5Ways to incorporate protein in your breakfast meals

Ways to incorporate protein in your breakfast meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that's no news. It is that one meal that helps in providing your body with the required energy to kick-start your day. As much as all the other nutrients are important for your body, protein plays a very important role in your diet too. You should incorporate protein in your diet to get maximum health out of the breakfast meal. We've got you a few breakfast meal options that will provide you with lots of protein among other nutrients as well. We bet you're going to start loving these breakfast food items and will start including these in your daily diet as well.




You can even include protein in your breakfast by making smoothies out of fruits that are rich in protein. You can add some small amount of protein powder to your morning smoothie too. There are just so many varieties that you can try your hand on.


03/5Avocado and eggs on toast

Avocado and eggs on toast

Avocado is the recent famous fruit that people have been switching to. Avocado and egg on toast makes it even healthier to fill your tummy with some protein goodness. This is easy to make and will provide your body with a lot of protein.


04/5Humus and falafel

Humus and falafel

Humus and falafel contains chickpeas which makes it a food option that's really rich in protein. Humus and falafel can keep you feeling full for longer hours. This can be your favourite breakfast meal of all times.


05/5Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Ham and bacon are really good sources of protein, but eggs can be your all time favourite breakfast option when it comes to including protein in your meal. You can try out making Egg Benedict and we're sure it's going to turn out to be your most favourite breakfast option.