01/9Summer time calls for smackin’ lips!

Summer time calls for smackin’ lips!

If we’re being truly honest, as much as we love creating a full face of glam, it’s just not practical in the summer time. Not only does the makeup run off, shines, smears and then wipes away, it feels far too heavy on the skin, making us wonder – do we really need to wear makeup on summers? Personal choices and preferences aside, if you’re really keen on putting some colour on your face, keeping it light and natural is the norm. So ditch that liquid lipstick that sucks up all your lips’ moisture and slap on a nourishing lip balm, but make sure it’s tinted. Because a little colour, tint, shimmer and shine hurt no one. Not even on a summer day. Ahead are some of favourite tinted lip balms that will take up permanent space in your summer makeup kitty.


02/9Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

There are chapped days and then there are flaking, splitting, stinging days. This is for the latter. The petrolatum in this balm is heavy-duty thick to heal lips fast without feeling goopy or greasy, and the rosy shade gives lips a touch of sheer pink sheen.


03/9Kiko Milano Coloured Balm

Kiko Milano Coloured Balm

This vitamin enriched balmy formula is perfect on days you want to sport a no-makeup makeup look but still intend to look put together. Its lightly hinted, highly moisturisng formula works beautifully on the lips and as a cheek tint.


04/9Revlon Matte Balm

Revlon Matte Balm

If you love a matte lip look, but your lips can’t bear another minute of a drying lip colour, here’s a tinted lip balm you MUST own! Its creamy formula finish dispenses a saturated matte lip colour, that not only looks beautiful on the lips, but is extremely weightless and nourishing on skin. Its minty formula is an unexpected plus!


05/9Lotus Herbals Colorkick Lip

Lotus Herbals Colorkick Lip

If you’re worried a tinted lip balm is permanently darkening your lips, here’s tube of herbal goodness you can try out. The sugar based lip balm gives a gloss like finish, a hint of colour (in six flattering shades) with SPF 20, giving your lips nourishment and protection it deserves.


06/9MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner

Trust MAC to come up with runway-worthy makeup products. This tinted lip conditioner ain’t no exception. With a shea butter, wheat germ oil, almond oil creaminess, this vitamin and fruit enriched lip conditioner doesn’t just come to play. Smear on some of this creamy goodness for a healthy, but glamorous shine.


07/9The Body Shop Strawberry, Pomegranate & Aloe Lip Juicer

The Body Shop Strawberry, Pomegranate & Aloe Lip Juicer

Enriched with highly effective ingredients like Shea Butter, Marula Oil and Organic Olive Oil, this vegan lip balm promises deep nourishment with just a hint of a fruity tint. Its moisturising formula leaves a healthy shine, as it treats chapped lips. The shine lasts on lips for a long time, before it dries into a natural, matte tint.


08/9Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm

Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm
If you want to pamper yourself a little, give this luxurious lip balm a try. Even though it comes with a wide shade variety, its advanced Color Reviver technology ensures the shade looks completely unique on you. Its rich formula not only makes perfect base, but can be worn on its own, or even on a lipstick to add an illuminating shine. readmore

09/9Maybelline New York Lip Smooth Color Bloom

Maybelline New York Lip Smooth Color Bloom

It wouldn’t be a list of tinted lip balms without a mention of the Baby Lips revolution. We especially love this one, because colour changing technology turns with a unique shade for every user. One swipe of the lip balm ensures a shade that’s hugely flattering on you. It leaves behind a gorgeous shade too. And, it’s super easy on the pocket.