01/5Tried and tested tips to help you pick that perfect foundation match!

Tried and tested tips to help you pick that perfect foundation match!

Let’s face it, not all of have access to a plush multi-brand cosmetics store that stores all the best foundations available in the market, where you can head to, swipe a few shades and pick the one that suits perfectly. Besides, online shopping is where all the bomb offers are – which is why there a lot of women doing all their makeup shopping online. While blushes and lipsticks aren’t a high risk factor, finding your perfect foundation shade in an online store is tricky business. Chances are, you might just pick the wrong shade. But that doesn’t have to be. Ahead are few tips that help you pick your right foundation shade while shopping online.


02/5Know Your Needs

Know Your Needs

Before you go out picking the foundation, narrow down your needs. What is your skin type? What kind of coverage are you looking for? Your skin type will help you pick the finish of your foundation. There’s matte, natural and dewy finishes to choose from. A matte finish foundation lasts longer on oily skin and hence is often preferred by them. Foundations also give different type of coverage – sheer, medium and full! So make list of things you would want, and narrow down the foundation


03/5Know Your Undertone

Know Your Undertone

Your undertone is just as important as your skin tone. Some may even say it is more important! Your undertone basically decides if your “medium” toned foundation should look yellow-ish or pinkish. How do you figure your under tone? Lift your hand to see the veins on your wrist. If they’re all green, you are of warm undertone. If your viens are blue, you are of cool undertone. If you have veins of both colour, you are of neutral undertone.


04/5Befriend the Internet

Befriend the Internet

Truth is, it is a great thing that there are many beauty bloggers and vloggers out there right now. While you can’t possibly watch videos by all of them, we suggest find someone who has the similar shade as you and see what shades they use. Chances are, the both of you might just be the perfect match. Hence, you can easily pick the shade the particular blogger is using.




This is not the most trusted method, but does give you a good ballpark. Findation.com is website that specifically dedicated to help you figure out your shade of foundation. All you have to do is feed in your correct shade of foundation that you currently use, and feed in the name of the foundation you would like to try. It will suggest you the shade! It is that simple!