01/7Read on to start feeling chiller than a snowman this season!

Read on to start feeling chiller than a snowman this season!

This time of year comes with stressors in the form of various holiday parties to attend, holiday packing to do (if you’re jet-setting off somewhere) and of course, end-of-the-year scramble at work. Luckily, for you, we have got certain ways to help you manage — and even reduce holiday stress. Here are a few tips to help you take it easy...


02/7Press pause before taking on more

Press pause before taking on more

Before you say "yes" to one more commitment, learn to press pause and think whether you will be able to handle just one more commitment. Ask yourself a couple key questions: "Is it in my best interest to go out to this?" Or, more specifically, "Can I do this and have fun doing it?" You shouldn't feel obligated to attend every single social function in the holiday season.


03/7Rember to breathe

Rember to breathe

As soon as you feel yourself getting agitated, start focusing on your breath. Counting backwards from 10 also always helps and of course, taking a breather in the form of a chill coffee break is always a winner with us! Staying hydrated all through the holiday season is a must too.


04/7Make your job easier

Make your job easier

If you're working through the holidays, you might want to see if it's possible for you to work from home or remotely — but only if you know you'd benefit from such a setting. Ask yourself what sort of setting will allow you to be your most productive, then go from there.


05/7Remember to laugh

Remember to laugh

It's easy to overlook your sense of humour when under pressure. Whether your giggles are forced or not, they can trigger the release of "happy neurotransmitters," like dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, which help you relax.


06/7Stick to a plan

Stick to a plan

Like most stressful situations, the holiday season requires you to draw out a detailed plan too. Throw in nice and long baths and some ‘me-time’ in that schedule too. Don’t overdo the commitments and try not to tire yourself out. Did you know that researchers claim that Christmas and New Year time see the most heart attacks strike? We’re not trying to scare you, just saying, you know...


07/7Keep it personal

Keep it personal

Taking out time for family is a must. Yes, we all do love to ‘chill’ and be merry with friends but take the time out to spend it with family and plan things such a short trips and movie nights to stay connected and spread the holiday cheer at home too.
Happy holidays!