01/5Hygiene tips to keep in mind for your next travel

Hygiene tips to keep in mind for your next travel

When you are travelling, your normal routine and sleep patterns get disrupted. This is why many people are more likely to fall ill. However, you are also exposed to a lot more germs, which is a germaphobes worst nightmare. However, this is no reason to ruin your vacation before it has even begun. All you need to do is be prepared and make sure you stock up on disinfectants. Here are a few travel hygiene tips you need to be aware of.


02/5Watch out for the handles in the bathroom

Watch out for the handles in the bathroom

Even though bathrooms on a plane have surprisingly less germ-infected areas than you would expect, according to Travelmath, you still need to be careful. Make sure the toilet nob and lock on the door is clean. You should also make sure to use a paper towel if you touch any surface. Use a sanitizer on your hands after you use the bathroom.


03/5Fill your water bottle at a restaurant

Fill your water bottle at a restaurant

Instead of filling up your water bottle at a water fountain, opt for doing it at a restaurant. This is because public fountains often found in airports contain a lot of germs you don't want to get near. These fountains at airports contain more that 1,200 colony-forming units per square inch, according to data from Travelmath.


04/5Make sure to wipe down your entire seat

Make sure to wipe down your entire seat

You may just be sitting on some of the filthiest areas of the plane. Make sure you wipe down your seat completely, from the tray table to the seat belt. Make sure to also carry disinfecting wipes with you so you can properly get rid of any germs lying around, especially around the tray area. "The problem is they are heavily used but they are hardly ever wiped down," Charles P Gerba, a professor of microbiology and environmental sciences, professor of public health (EHS) at the University of Arizona, told a news portal.


05/5Use a spray

Use a spray

"Our immune system starts with our nose. The purpose of the nose is to filter, warm, and moisten air before it enters our body. Each nasal breath draws nitric oxide from our sinuses and carries it into our lungs. Nitric oxide is our natural immune protection against respiratory infection as it kills virus, bacteria, and fungus," Steven Olmos, DDS, who is board-certified in chronic pain and sleep-related breathing disorders, told a news portal. That is why it is important to use a nasal spray to stay hydrated while you on the plane.