01/8Find out the tricks of trade

Find out the tricks of trade

Just like complications in life, conflicts when interacting with people is inevitable. And as much as you would like to think otherwise, you can’t go on a winning spree when it comes to conflicts. However, there a few tried and tested strategies that will make every dispute you’re a part of. Wanting to be right, hasn’t got anything to do with your sex, but is ultimately just human nature. Which is why, your winning spree with arguments may rub your opponent off the wrong way. Even if you may be right, the key is to ensure that you don’t come across as domineering, or boss over. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But if you like winning as much as the next person, bookmark these tried and tested strategies that will help you win even if ‘it’s not your day!’


02/8Remain Calm

Remain Calm

The one thing you need to remember when you're having an argument is that no matter what happens you need to stay calm at all times. Despite feeling strongly about what you're saying, you need to keep your cool and ensure that you don't lose your temper.


03/8State Facts

State Facts

Yes, you might feel emotional about what you're talking about but emotions will not help you win the argument. Facts, on the other hand, can help you prove your point and with ease. This way the person you're arguing with is left with no leverage and is bound to give in.


04/8Ask questions

Ask questions

When you're having an argument, you shouldn't just focus on putting your point across but also dismantling the other person's point. Ask them questions like 'What evidence do they have about their point?' or 'Where does it say that?'; This way they're bound to think more about what they're saying and this will give you an opportunity to sweep in and win the argument.


05/8Lower The Pitch Of Your Voice

Lower The Pitch Of Your Voice

A study published in 2016 says that lowering the itch of one’s voice can make someone come across as more persuasive. For the study, the researchers took over 90 university students and recorded their debates. They found, every time a pupil lowered their pitch of their voice as they made their opinion heard; people were more influenced by it. However, the researches point out, it’s not about the volume of one’s voice, it’s the pitch. Be aware of that.


06/8Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact

It’s important to stand true to your thoughts and opinion, especially during an argument. Not letting someone else sway your mind is battle half one. So, if in an argument, someone is trying to sway their opinion to theirs, make direct eye contact to them. This makes you more resistant to persuasion, and difficult to sway around. A study published in 2013 said, participants who focused on the speaker's eyes were found to be less receptive to their opposing views, were more closed off to interaction, and were more difficult to persuade overall.


07/8Agree With The Person You're Arguing with

Agree With The Person You're Arguing with

We’re this is what they mean when they, ‘If you can't beat them, join them.” According to a study in 2014, “paradoxical thinking” could be of help to people to change their mind. Take this for example, if a friend of your is hell bent on the idea they will never meet someone they might like going out with, encouraging them to stay positive will only make them believe that there isn’t anyone. But if you ageee with them, tell them “You’re right. Stop trying. You will end up alone” they will be reminded the absurdity of their own opinion.


08/8Mirror The Other Person's Body Language

Mirror The Other Person's Body Language

Mirroring someone’s body language is the easiest way to connect with someone. Interestingly, this happens naturally when you’re around people you like and have an emotional comment with. But you can use this to your advantage if you’re in the middle of a heated dispute. A 2016 study found that mimicking another person's behavior, without them noticing; can get them to see your side. They'll feel like they're connecting with you, so they'll be more open to hearing you out and seeing things your way.