01/5Planning on getting inked? Here are some types of tattoos you should stay away from

Planning on getting inked? Here are some types of tattoos you should stay away from

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, it is only right to research as much as you can before you make the plunge. And who better than a tattoo artist to know about tattoos? Tattoo artists know a lot. There is a lot to learn from their perspectives on what the best kinds of tattoos are and what are not. Below are some types of tattoos, you will never find a tattoo artist with. Read on to know what they are!


02/5Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos can look really pretty. Celebrities love them. But if you want to annoy a tattoo artist, tell them you want a finger tattoo. Why? They simply don’t stand the test of time. In fact they don’t even last after touch ups. Any picture you see of a good inner finger tattoo on the internet (especially Pinterest) is a fresh tattoo picture, not healed.


03/5Something upside down

Something upside down

While your tattoos are quite personal, most designs are being constantly viewed by the people around you. Because of this, tattoo artists may avoid upside-down designs. Never get anything facing upside down simply because it is 'for you.’ The tattoo is already on your body, automatically making it for you, having it upside down (especially faces or lettering) is just confusing to the rest of the world and looks aesthetically bad


04/5"Ironic" tattoos with dark meanings

"Ironic" tattoos with dark meanings

While some tattoo artists may be OK tattooing these on clients, but wouldn't ever get these designs themselves for a simple reason. Such tattoos carry a negative vibes and that’s something not necessarily favorable to attach to your energy.


05/5Face tattoos

Face tattoos

Triple think before getting a face tattoo. What looks awesome when you are young will definitely look worse as you age. Additionally, face tattoos can make some employers uncomfortable hiring you for a job.