01/11These brands are high on quality, low on price!

These brands are high on quality, low on price!

While the beauty biz began with humble beginnings, with just a few colours of rouge and a kind of power, it’s now grown into a world of beauty, that grows manifold, each passing day. With product launches, beauty brands coming up in huge volumes every month, it’s possible even a beauty writer may not have heard about it. Of course, some of them, because of their sheer quality of good products, stand out! Sadly, they’re not the most popular ones. Hence, to do a good deed, we’re sharing our love for some of our favourite, underrated brands. If you’re going to be makeup shopping soon, and would love to try out new products, ahead are some of our recommendations.




Korean brand Innisfree is often well known for its gentle and potent skincare range. However, many are unaware about the brand’s makeup range. Much like the Korean aesthetic, Innisfree’s products aim to give you that dewy, natural appearance. But if you’re all about Korean glass skin, you cannot miss their makeup range.


03/11Physician's Formula

Physician's Formula

Much like the name suggest, a brainchild of a doctors, Physician;s formula is godsent for people who are looking for non-comedogenic makeup for their acne prone skin. Their butter bronzer and foundations promise to give you a professional finish with amateur skills. Lucky for all us, the gem of a brand is finally available in the country.




German based makeup brand, Krylon is a staple among makeup professionals and for good reason. Their line is all about hgh-aquality formulas at an affordable rate. Their derma colour foundations and concealers are perfect events when you require a budge proof base that doesn’t move.


05/11ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics never misses out any makeup trend. They’ll have a dedicated product for a popular makeup trend ready for you, even before you want it. The brand isn’t widely available in the country and hence need to be bought online. But even with the shipping prices, you can buy a lipstick for as low as Rs 150 and eye shadow as low as Rs. 72. If that’s not affordable we don’t know what is!


06/11Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild is like the wetter and wilder cousin of Maybelline. Not only do they have their own version of popular makeup products, but they also manage to do with an affordable price bracket. If you’re unable to find products you like with Maybelline, your next stop should be Wet N Wild. Our recommendations – the Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick and the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder.




A London-based brand which was started with the aim of making makeup accessible to everyone, W7 is now 17 years old and has over 500 products. Their inexpensive range is also not tested on animals. The best offerings from the brand are their Mega Matt Lips Liquid Lipstick, which is a dupe for NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream, and the Delicious Eye Palette, which has all the trendy mattes you will ever need.




Here’s a makeup brand so good, that we wonder why doesn’t get so much love. It’s cruelty-free, it boasts awesome formulations and quite inclusive. (Considering it is a US drugstore brand.) The brand’s liquid lipsticks, baked blush and 2-in-1 foundation and concealer are some of the best in the biz right now!




Once you’re able to get over the animated packaging of the brand, you will discover what a wonder this brand is. A tad too light on the shade spectrum ( Essence is a German brand.) foundations and concealers may not be your best bet here. Essence makes some of the best mascaras and brow products – all well comparable to premium makeup, but at a fraction of price.


10/11Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty

Here’s a brand new Indie brand, masquerading to be a global brand. But Swiss Beauty’s high quality and low price tag system is what we’re a huge fan of. The brand’s eyeshadows, blushes and eyebrow pencils are some of our favourites. You won’t be disappointed. And even if you were, you wouldn’t be making a dent in the pocket.