01/14These food combinations might make you uncomfortable, just saying!

These food combinations might make you uncomfortable, just saying!

There are foods that create a lot of hype and turn out to be just okay. While there are many which taste out of the world but are quite underrated. And then there are food combinations that are drastically weird but strangely manages to taste right for some people. And trust me when I say this, there are people who are a sport and can very much try these weird and rather unusual food combinations without making faces and cringing over them. For all those dare devils, here's a list of unusual food combinations that might make you uncomfortable but is totally worthy of a try.


02/14Banana and pizza

Banana and pizza

The most uncomfortable combination is here! But, if you're one of those weird people who likes pineapple on pizza, you might also like bananas on pizza. Sweet flavour added to the spicy and crispy pizza in an interesting combo.


03/14Fries and ice cream

Fries and ice cream

Honestly, dunking french fries in ice cream is something that people actually end up liking. But yea, for others it's really weird of a combination. The sweet flavour of the ice cream along with the salty fries works wonders for some.


04/14Hot chocolate and cheese

Hot chocolate and cheese

This one right here is actually a popular combination as a Colombian delicacy. Instead of marshmallows, a few slices of cheese on top of hot chocolate works just fine for some people.


05/14Jelly and cheese

Jelly and cheese

Gone are the days when people used to like jam and butter as an ultimate combination on their toasts. These day, a weirdly likeable combination of cheese and jelly is quite popular. Melted cheese and chilled jelly over a toast is a big yes for many.


06/14Chocolate and avocado

Chocolate and avocado

If you're looking to make an unusual chocolate truffle, don't think twice before adding avocados to it. The combination is surely quite strange but avocado helps in enhancing the richness of the dessert.


07/14Fried rice and tomato ketchup

Fried rice and tomato ketchup

Okay, let's just accept that there are people who can add tomato ketchup to any and every thing. Similarly, fried rice and ketchup is also very much a combination that people happen to like.


08/14Banana and mayonnaise

Banana and mayonnaise

Seriously, this gives out such a cringe. The slimy and gooey texture of the two can really be loved by a few people who love sweet and salty flavours all at once.


09/14Olive oil and ice cream

Olive oil and ice cream

Can't even imagine the two together, right? Well, this combination was popularly made by the New York City restaurant named Otto. Pouring olive oil on your ice cream can enhance the sweetness of the base flavour. Not just that, it can also add an extra layer of smoothness to the frozen sweet. You could sprinkle some sea salt to add a different flavour to this combination.


10/14Red wine and cola

Red wine and cola

Well, this combination actually has a name and it's called kalimotxo which is an iconic drink in the Spanish culture. The idea of this strange combination is to mask the strong taste of red wine with cola and lots of ice.