01/12This will come in handy if you’re avoiding caffeine!

This will come in handy if you’re avoiding caffeine!

The worst part of a brand new day is actually just getting up. More often than not, you’re tired, sluggish and just not in the mood to get through the day. Perhaps that’s why we have the snooze button. Clearly, we’re not alone. While coffee might be great for that onslaught of caffeine to boost your energy up, it is not ideal, at least for all days. While sleeping the required amount may be the healthiest thing to do, but let’s be honest – it’s a rarity. So if you’re looking for different ways to wake up in the morning, here are some. Read on!


02/12Solve A Puzzle

Solve A Puzzle

An easy way of stimulating your body actually is by stimulating your brain. Grab yourself a Sudoku puzzle or a crossword. Better yet, grab a co-worker for a quick bout of Battleship so you get those competitive juices flowing.


03/12Share A Laugh

Share A Laugh

Grab a co-worker and trade jokes for five minutes. The laughter releases endorphins and will get your body moving. If you don't know any jokes, watch some funny videos to get things going.


04/12Give Yourself A Hand Massage

Give Yourself A Hand Massage

Your hands have different pressure points that connect to different parts of your body. Massaging them will get you going in no time. Try massaging between your thumb and pointer finger. Squeeze that tender area and stretch out your hands, and it will help you wake up in a zen state.


05/12Order Breakfast

Order Breakfast

This may the lazy person’s favoruite thing to do – but it truly works. If you’ve tried it all, and nothing seems to work- treat yourself! Order a breakfast smoothie or a fruit platter. You'll definitely be happy to hop out of bed to buzz in a delivery guy.


06/12Put On Essential Oils

Put On Essential Oils

Keep some citrus essential oils by your bed. Rub some onto your temples or simply give them a sniff when you wake up. They're super energizing and will get you wide awake and in a pleasant mood.


07/12Pop A Mint

Pop A Mint

Before you even get out of bed to brush your teeth, pop a super strong mint to wake up your mouth and startle your senses. It's hard to fall back asleep when your mouth is icy.


08/12Call your mom

Call your mom

Yes as absurd as it sounds, calling your mom and having a conversation with her will actually help wake you up. She'll probably have tons to tell you so we're sure that striking conversation is bound to get those eyes of yours open. Plus, you'll get to talk to her so that's a bonus anyway.


09/12Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed

Absolutely detest doing your bed? But that’s the point of this exercise. The fact that you get this thing done, first thing in the morning, despite hating it so much can leave you feeling accomplished and energized.It sounds so simple, and yet it's a small habit that can start your day off on a good foot, help you feel more prepared, and thus more energized.


10/12Tug On Your Hair

Tug On Your Hair

This may sound bizarre, but humour us for a while. On days you’re feeling especially sleepy, all you have to do is give a gentle tug to your hair. It will kick start the blood flow at your head and makes you feel more awake, instantly. The sensation of the tug will also make you more alert, making it easier to get by the day.