01/5Hacks that will help get rid of tangles from those gorgeous curls of yours

Hacks that will help get rid of tangles from those gorgeous curls of yours

Okay, let's get one thing straight; the only time girls with curly hair want to have straight hair is when they end up with tangles in their curls. After all these years one would imagine they'd know how to deal with such unwanted tangles but unfortunately, it's like the tangles have a mind of their own and know how to surprise all us curly-haired girls in whole new ways. While small tangles are easy to get rid of, the bigger ones aren't just painful but can cause damage to your hair too. So, if you want tangle free-tresses, here are some hacks that will get rid of all those tangles from your beautiful curls.


02/5Use a detangler brush

Use a detangler brush

While most women can just comb or brush their hair and go about their day, all you girls with intense curls should invest in a detangler brush. It is made specifically to help detangle your curls. So, if you notice that your hair has started to get slightly tangled, use the detangler brush on your hair and it'll help get rid of the tangles.


03/5Oil your hair

Oil your hair

Dry hair tends to get tangled rather quickly and that could easily be one of the reasons why your curls keep getting tangled. So, make sure that you oil your hair regularly and if that isn't enough, you could even opt for an oil rinse. This requires you to first wet your hair and then rinse your wet hair with oil. It'll add a shine to your curls and keep them tangle-free.


04/5Tie your hair up

Tie your hair up

You must have noticed how your hair seems to be super frizzy and knotted when you wake up. This is because of not tying your hair up when you go to sleep. The friction between your hair and pillow causes your hair to get all messy and tangled. So, make sure to tie your hair up in a scarf or braid it when you go to sleep and you'll wake up with beautiful hair.


05/5Apply products generously

Apply products generously

Most of us tend to not use products the way they're supposed to be used in our hair. For women with curly hair, this can become a huge problem. For example, if you don't use the right amount of conditioner in your hair, it won't help keep your hair moisturised and thus your hair might end up getting frizzy and tangled. Apply products generously (don't overdo anything though) to your hair and make sure to softly comb your hair with your fingers to help keep tangles at bay.