01/8Tips and tricks for how to deal with jet lag

Tips and tricks for how to deal with jet lag

Moving countries can mean dealing with jet lag firstly. Long-haul flights sure are a task but when you arrive at the destination a bunch on jet lag problems follow. This is because your body functions a certain way and due to the different time zones, it has to fit into another routine that can cause a few health issues like digestion issues, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. So if you're someone who's quite new to jet lag problems, we've got you some easy ways to deal with it.


02/8Try to fly overnight

Try to fly overnight

This is honestly an ingenious hack if you do it right. Try to book an overnight flight and try to do everything you can to fall asleep on the flight. This way, by the time you land you'll be refreshed and almost adjusted to the timezone.


03/8Wash your face with cold water

Wash your face with cold water

We know this just sounds like something your mom might say to you but trust us when we say it works. Just after you get off the plane, go and wash your face with cold water. It'll help wake you up and make you feel fresh and ready to tackle the day.


04/8Go outside

Go outside

Don't just sit in your room all day and then step out when it's dark. If you're roaming around throughout the day then it'll help you fall asleep at night. This will also have a positive effect on your biological clock.


05/8Try and get good sleep

Try and get good sleep

People usually avoid sleeping before their long haul flight thinking they can kill time later by sleeping during the fly time. But instead, you should be well rested before taking the flight so as to deal with jet lag.


06/8Eat as per new time zone

Eat as per new time zone

If you really wish to prep well, make sure you eat your meals as per the new time zone just a few days before you take the flight. This will be of great help to your body to follow the new schedule.


07/8Don't have coffee

Don't have coffee

Most of us like to grab a coffee as soon as we get to the airport. It's a terrible idea by the way. Caffeine in your body will make it difficult for your body to deal wit jet lag later and so, you must totally avoid coffee before you catch a flight.


08/8Say no to alcohol as well

Say no to alcohol as well

Make sure you're not consuming alcohol before your flight time as it might eventually just keep you feeling tired or dehydrated. It's not one of the best options to choose to have alcohol when you know you're going to enter a different time zone.