01/5Stuck in lockdown? Get done with these wardrobe related chores

Stuck in lockdown? Get done with these wardrobe related chores

Now that you're stuck indoors due to the lockdown, you probably have a lot of free time on your hands. So, apart from helping out with the chores and opting for your hobbies, there's one more thing you should just get done and over with. That's right, we're talking about all your wardrobe related chores that you won't have the time to complete once the lockdown is lifted. Here's a list of all the wardrobe related chores you should just check off on.


02/5Brush all your shoes

Brush all your shoes

Yep, the time for you to finally bring out your shoes and clean them has come. Now that you're in lockdown, almost all your footwear must be stored somewhere inside. What you must remember is that even in storage they can gather dust and if not cleaned properly they can also be prone to stain marks. So, give them a good cleansing and restore them properly.


03/5Organise your wardrobe

Organise your wardrobe

This is the time when you'll realise that you actually have a lot of things to wear. Pull everything out and then start folding the clothes that need folding and get hangers for the ones that need to be hung. Divide all your clothes into sections and then slowly start restocking your wardrobe all over again. You'll end up with a super neat, clean and organised closet.


04/5Clean your closet

Clean your closet

Well, since you're already organising your closet why not take this time to clean it too? When all your clothes are out, take a cloth and dust the entire interior of your closet. Follow this through with a wet sweep to get all that dust off. And then spray some disinfectant into it. Let it dry or wipe the excess off and then start rearranging your clothes in the closet.


05/5Iron your clothes

Iron your clothes

Okay, let's be honest, having to iron your clothes every single day can prove to be a hassle. So, why not just iron them all and stock them up in your wardrobe so that when you want to wear them all you have to do is take them out and put them on. Right now you have the time and energy to do this so just get it done with.