01/15Ways to make sweatpants look chic

Ways to make sweatpants look chic

Sweatpants may be cosy home pants, but with a few styling tricks, they can be ideal to wear for a number of occasions. For a more refined look, wear a pair of black sweatpants with a nice fitted jacket. With this look, no one will be able to tell the difference between a regular pant and this loungewear.


02/15Experiment with different fabrics

Experiment with different fabrics

If you really want to amp up your style game, experiment with sweatpants in different fabrics. It will look more luxurious and funky. You could try fabrics like velvet or faux silk. They are not only fresh and unique ways to wear sweatpants, but they are also super comfortable. You can also have fun with bold colours instead of going for a simple black or grey.


03/15Choose a monochrome palette

Choose a monochrome palette

A really basic way to make sweatpants look ultra-cool is by going the monochrome way. Something like an all-black outfit will look neat and stylish. The key is to keep your look as simple as possible. They say less is more and in this case less will offer up a lot of sophistication. You could also opt for a pair of grey pants with a grey blouse.


04/15Ankle boots with sweatpants

Ankle boots with sweatpants

Shoes are a great way to dress up an outfit, even one that includes sweatpants. While a pair of sneakers may look a little too casual, give ankle boots a go. They will look more stylish and make you look more polished and neat. Make sure you pick a comfortable pair. While this look is about staying in style, it's also about comfort.


05/15Printed joggers

Printed joggers

When you opt for joggers with a snake print, no one would ever realise you are wearing sweatpants. A cool suede bag, heels and a crisp shirt are all you need to upgrade your look. Comfy casual never looked this good. Pick a bouse in neutral colours so you don't clash with your pants. You want to be subtle with your style to achieve sophistication in an effortlessly chic way.


06/15High heel with sweatpants

High heel with sweatpants

The best and fastest way to dress up sweatpants is by picking cool and stylish high heel shoes. It will elevate your look instantly and give you a bit of oomph. You can also show a little ankle and opt for pointed-toe pump shoes. Pick the right accessories with this outfit. It's perfect for date night or if you are heading for the movies.


07/15Fitted sweatpants

Fitted sweatpants

If you are in a hurry and need to look put together quickly, fitted sweatpants are the solution to your issue. It is a much more stylish option to opt for rather than baggy sweatpants. While you'll still be cosy and comfortable, a fitted item will look more dressed up and stylish. Match it with a cool and sleek jacket that is not too sharp. Choose comfortable shoes to go with this look. This outfit is especially best to wear when travelling.


08/15Sweatpants with elastic bottoms and matching jacket

Sweatpants with elastic bottoms and matching jacket

We all have those days when we are too lazy to make an effort to get all dresses up. However, that doesn't mean that you want to walk into work looking like a slob. On those days, we have a special outfit that is chic and super comfortable. All you have to do is wear a cool pair of sweatpants with a matching blazer. You can also wear a dark-coloured shirt underneath your jacket to make your outfit really stand out. You can wear this outfit with a pair of flats or wedges. This outfit proves comfortable clothes can look super cool.


09/15Button-down shirt and sweatpants

Button-down shirt and sweatpants

Wearing a dressier shirt over a casual pair of sweatpants will instantly make you look smart and stylish. Match a dark-coloured pair of sweatpants with a cool striped shirt and a dark T-shirt. You'll definitely achieve that cool girl vibe with this look. Use heels or a colourful pair of flats with this outfit.


10/15Blazer with heels and sweatpants

Blazer with heels and sweatpants

So you need to look good for the day, but you're too lazy to go all out. No problem we have got a quick fix for you. Put on your best blazer over a flattering pair of sweatpants and you are good to go. Pair the look with statement heels to give your outfit a touch of panache. This way you will still look stylish while feeling super comfortable.