11/15Printed blouse over sweatpants

Printed blouse over sweatpants

If you're going to be out on the town in sweatpants all day, you still want to look cool right? The best way to pull that off is by wearing the relaxed fit pant with a pretty printed blouse. Opt for sweatpants that have a more tailored look that has a slim fit. The pant will still look casual chic without looking slouchy. It will also compliment your curves and give you shape.


12/15Fitted turtleneck bodysuit with sweatpants

Fitted turtleneck bodysuit with sweatpants

A definite cool girl vibe is a combo of a fitted turtleneck bodysuit with sweatpants. Add a bit of glamour to the outfit with high heels and a bright coloured clutch. This look oozes glamour. What's even better is that you will look stylish and yet feel comfortable at the same time. Whoever said beauty is pain?


13/15Mohair cardigan with sweats

Mohair cardigan with sweats

On cool and windy days, you want something you can feel warm and cosy in. If you want something practical yet fashion-forward pair your sweatpants with a mohair cardigan. This look is especially perfect to wear when you are travelling. You can be comfortable and feel light without compromising on your style.


14/15Pair a blazer with sweatpants

Pair a blazer with sweatpants

Blazers are so in trend this season, whether they are fitted or boxy. If you are having a hectic morning and need to get out the door quickly, then we have just the style for you. Let's call your emergency go-to chic wear. All you have to do is get your sweatpants and wear a decent tee and cover it with a striking blazer. You'll look and feel confident when you are at the office, even if you had a rough start to your day.


15/15Sleeveless top and bright-coloured sweatpants

Sleeveless top and bright-coloured sweatpants

The weekend is all about relaxing and catching up with your loved ones and friends. You may have plans to spend the day out or over at a friends place, but not necessarily want to get decked for the day. No problem. All you need is a pair of bright coloured sweats and a sleeveless top to look cool and effortlessly chic.